Davidoff unveils new range of duty-free exclusive Magnum Elite

Davidoff unveils new range of duty-free exclusive Magnum Elite

Imperial Tobacco has announced the launch of its new Davidoff Magnum Elite, in line with the ‘For The Hunters’ campaign that was launched earlier this year. The new Magnum Elite aims to re-emphasize the premium position of Davidoff in the Duty-Free environment and fit in with the ‘new’ Davidoff world.

Its predecessor Davidoff Magnum Elite first edition was hugely successful, having been launched last year in limited quantities exclusively to Global Duty-Free in key Chinese travelling destinations outside China. Davidoff Magnum Elite aims to appeal to a broader focus group but still remain appealing to the Chinese consumer. Focus nationalities include China, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan, and Russia.

The duty-free exclusive Davidoff Magnum Elite is available in three variants:

Elite Gold 100 – The Ultra Masterpiece- limited to 100 pieces worldwide, Elite Gold 100 aims to take exclusivity to a new level. This limited full flavour blend has a wooden handcrafted outer with real gold (23 carat) on every pack and outer, and includes 10 different pack designs, giving the traveller a broad choice.

Elite White Edition – Limited to 6,000 pieces, this exclusive American Blend Magnum has a light flavour in line with the taste preference of the Saudi Arabian consumer.

Elite Black Edition – Limited to 9,000 pieces, this exclusive Premium Virginia blend has a full flavour and is in line with the taste preference of the Chinese consumer.

All three variants feature a handcrafted outer with handwritten individual numbering on each one. The Davidoff Magnum Elite launch will be supported with eye-catching promotional material including wall units with red motion laser beams and rotating, colour changing gondolas that feature a state of the art safe.

The new Davidoff Magnum Elite will be displayed in special new Product Display Units comprising a wall bay and a gondola with three layers of rotating rings, a clear glass cover and a gold glossy spray finish.

Says Jennifer Cords: “It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of our new Davidoff Magnum Elite. After the huge success of the first edition we knew that a sequel was essential to ensure we continue to provide our customers with exclusive products. The Chinese market is one of our strongest and we love to bring out products that we know will fulfil the need and wants – not just of this exciting and dynamic region, but the wider Asia and Middle East areas as well.”

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