Born from the epic landscapes of contemporary Scotland, family-owned distiller William Grant & Sons introduces WILDMOOR, a dynamic range of high-aged, blended Scotch whisky. A tribute to the country’s wild elements, WILDMOOR guides us through ancient moorlands, rugged coastlines, dense forests, unspoiled mountain ranges and imposing lochs. The collection comprises big elemental whiskies with flavours unbound by regionality.

In global travel retail, the range will make its debut in April, with an exclusive presence at Singapore Changi Airport, supported by a high-profile activation space, in partnership with Lotte Duty Free. London Heathrow (with Avolta) – and a selection of key Asia-Pacific airport locations in Thailand (King Power), China (Lagardère and CDFG) and South Korea (Shilla/Shinsegae) – will follow from May onwards.

The story begins 60 years ago when the William Grant & Sons family began to carefully acquire and curate a vast reserve of rare, high-aged malt and grain whiskies from some of Scotland’s most remote, famous and beautifully located distilleries. Sourced from every corner of Scotland, these whiskies were painstakingly selected for their unique character. This is now considered one of the finest Ancient Reserves of rare whiskies in the world. Just as the features of a wild landscape evolve and deepen with each passing year, the stocks in this reserve have been patiently matured over decades. Shaped by the full elemental force of Scotland’s climate; safely nurtured to perfection to acquire magnificent depth and complexity.

Crafted under the masterful eye of the world-renowned Master Blender Brian Kinsman, WILDMOOR is a flavour map of Scotland in a glass. It delves into new and uncharted flavour territories, that go beyond a singular house or distillery style.

In the travel retail channel, three expressions will be available:

WILDMOOR Waking Forest: 23 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky (GTR exclusive), a marriage of oak inspired by the forests of Scotland. Virgin Oak meets Sherry oak to enhance the smooth vanilla flavours with a rich sweetness seeping through.

WILDMOOR Tropical Coast: 30 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky (GTR exclusive), inspired by the north western coastline of Scotland in summer. Where white sandy beaches meet clear turquoise water for a tropical landscape. Finished in Caribbean Rum cask, this whisky is smooth, fruity and sweet with rum spice.

WILDMOOR Black Mountain: 40 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky is the peak of the range, drawing inspiration from the towering dark mountains of Northern Scotland. An extraordinary intense blend of rare grain and Highland malts enhanced by the addition of Ghosted Distillery stock. This is a deep, rich, and elegant liquid finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask.

Brian Kinsman, William Grant & Sons Master Blender, commented: “We had a vision for WILDMOOR; to create a whisky that embodied the raw majesty of Scotland’s wildest places – not the gentle, picturesque glens, but the awe-inspiring landscapes. With unlimited access to the family’s private vaults of prized liquids, I was able to explore flavour unbound by region. I delved deeper into my personal memories of these wild places, and what was initially a single whisky has become a series of extremely old and prestigious blended malts and blended whiskies, each one a multi-sensory tribute to Scotland’s vast terrain.”

William Grant & Sons Regional Director APAC GTR Alexander Carroll noted: “This compelling new collection marks another exciting milestone in the evolution of our portfolio. We understand the role that exclusives such as this play in delighting travellers, and I am thrilled that we are joining forces with our valued travel retailer partners to showcase these exceptional whiskies.

“WILDMOOR invites passengers to ‘Discover a wilderness in every drop’ and explore a new and exciting whisky universe that is sure to appeal to a wide range of consumers.”

The WILDMOOR bottle design encapsulates the Scottish landscape, capturing the rugged, elemental textures and forms. From rural lowlands to unspoiled uplands, coastlines, rivers and lochs, the bottle acts as a physical panorama of the epic beauty of Scotland.

To achieve the perfect serve, Brian Kinsman advises burnishing the garnish just before serving. Lavender and thyme are recommended to enhance the 23YO, while the 30YO is elevated by wood chips and the 40YO should be served with sugared orange.

To find out more on WILDMOOR, please visit / @wildmoorwhisky