Lagardère Travel Retail Perú is launching, in partnership with Lima Airport Partners and Inflyter, a new purchasing process through the installation of a ‘Smart Locker’ in international arrivals.

This new automated and digital machine will allow passengers to pick up their purchases when they return. This is the first automated Duty Free locker service implemented in Peru.

Lagardère Travel Retail Peru has partnered with Lima Airport Partners and Inflyter to provide the passengers of Jorge Chávez International Airport with a new enhanced shopping experience by installing a ‘Smart Locker’ in the international luggage area. This automated locker will allow passengers to do their shopping in the departure shop and pick up their purchases when they return to Perú.

By offering this alternative shopping method to the passengers, the partners are confident in increasing customer service, conversion rate and reaching new clients. Thanks to the installation of this locker, these passengers will be able to do their shopping and pick up their purchases when returning to Perú without having to carry these duty-free goods during the whole trip, which can be very inconvenient.

The automated machine features an interactive touch-screen that the passengers will use to enter a 6-Digit pin or to scan the barcode printed on their purchase receipt. Then they’ll just have to scan their boarding pass and passport and the device will automatically open the corresponding door so the customer can collect its items. The locker will be positioned outside the Aelia Duty-Free store at the arrivals, right next to the baggage claim to make it easier for clients to pick up their purchase and their luggage.

This partnership with Inflyter and Lima Airport Partners is following the goal of Lagardere Travel Retail to extend its shopping services and to provide the best possible experience to passengers of Lima Airport. It strengthens the company’s will to always explore new concepts and products that can improve the customer’s experience and make it more convenient. This will also secure additional revenues from passengers who may not usually buy.