Moët Hennessy Travel Retail launches the latest addition to Ardbeg’s Traveller’s Exclusive series: the Ardbeg Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition in Asia.

This release is part of the travel retail exclusive Smoketrails collection. Marking the second bottling in the collection, it offers whisky-loving Asian travellers a chance to take their palate on a journey, exploring the influence of different casks from around the world on the signature Ardbeg style.

The Ardbeg Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition marries classic Ardbeg bourbon barrels with highly sought-after wine casks from the Rhône region in the south of France. This exquisite fusion results in a vibrant and peppery expression with the casks imparting a unique flavour of complex minerality and earthiness to the whisky. Ardbeggians will delight in the harmonious interplay of notes, with tar and peppermint soaring alongside a subtle fruitiness reminiscent of smoked cranberry and blackcurrant. A decadent palate of dark chocolate and fondant cream emerges, leading to a lingering smoky finish accented with crispy bacon rinds and woodsmoke. This single malt is bottled at 46% ABV.

Each edition of the Smoketrails series features Shortie, Ardbeg’s beloved canine mascot, travelling the globe within a cask, symbolising the journey from Ardbeg on Islay to the cask’s origin. For the Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition, Shortie’s journey takes him to the scenic vineyards of the Rhône region, where the Côte Rôtie red wine casks used to infuse the whisky with their unique flavours originate. Ardbeg Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition is available in Global Travel Retail, reaffirming Ardbeg’s commitment to providing discerning travellers with exclusive and unparalleled whisky experiences.

The launch kicks off in the Asia Pacific region, with three activation spaces in Taiwan, starting with a high-profile promotion (HPP) with Tasa Meng at Taoyuan International Airport. This is followed by the unveiling of the HPP with Ever Rich Duty Free at Taoyuan International Airport and a HPP with Ever Rich Duty Free at Penghu Airport in May and June. Travellers can indulge in food pairings and tastings at these activations, immersing themselves in the rich flavours of Ardbeg’s latest creation.

In addition to Taiwan, Ardbeg activations will take place at prominent locations such as Hong Kong International Airport, Changi Airport, Hainan downtown stores and select airports in mainland China, Australia, and New Zealand. Consumers will receive a complimentary bandana with every purchase of the Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition, adding a touch of style to their whisky journey.

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Tasting notes

Maturation: American Oak & Côte Rôtie Red Wine
Colour: Amber
ABV: 46%
Aroma: Aromatic and herbal, damp peat moss and pine resin flow into fennel, with some flinty minerality and a touch of smoked pear. A distinctive savoury top note of grilled vegetables artichoke, pepper and olive brine leads into curious aromas of damp canvas. A few drops of water reveal the bouquet as a warming malted barley sweetness arrives, while gentle camphor and menthol envelop the senses.
Taste: The mouthfeel is vibrant and peppery, with lots of tar, peppermint, woodsmoke and carbolic soap, along with a subtle fruitiness in smoked cranberry and blackcurrant. This is followed by dark chocolate and fondant cream.
Finish: Finally, a combination of tar, crispy bacon rind and woodsmoke make for an exquisitely smoky finish.