Armani unwraps two new fragrances for the holidays

Armani unwraps two new fragrances for the holidays

Giorgio Armani celebrates light-filled winter holidays with Sì Night Light Editions, two new limited bottles that come out at the end of 2016: Sì Eau de Parfum and Sì Eau de Parfum Intense.

“Sì by Giorgio Armani is for the modern woman who says “Yes” to life.”

The new limited edition of Sì Eau de Parfum offers “the magnetic attraction of light painting.” The distinctive fragrance bottle in nude color is decorated with a golden logo. The composition, said to be one of a modern femininity and luminous sophistication, represents a modern interpretation of the chypre fragrance category with the main ingredient of Blackcurrant Jungle Essence wrapped in blonde woods.

“A joyous Sì fragrance that celebrates women who have the courage to say Sì to life and Sì to myself.”



Sì Eau de Parfum Intense Night Light is a limited edition of the more powerful and more luxurious version of the fragrance that makes “the tension go up a notch”, since it represents a night full of excitement and passion. Vanilla Pure Jungle Essence™ accord at its base melts with benzoin and black fruits. Its black lacquered bottle is decorated with a golden logo.

“On the fragrance with a black heart, the signature is powerful and flamboyant. A glimmering star in the night. Sì to passion.”

Actress Cate Blanchett is the face of the Sì fragrance collection. Both fragrances are available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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