Cara Delevingne is the face of the new TAG Heuer campaign reviving the “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” slogan in the South African savannah – see the filma and images below…

TAG Heuer unveils its new advertising campaign, featuring the sublime Cara Delevingne. A piercing look, sure of herself, the It-girl confronts a lion, her favourite animal. An intense performance made possible by the collaboration between David Yarrow, a photographer known for his portraits of wild animals, and Kevin Richardson, nicknamed “The Lion Whisperer”, who has a sanctuary for wild animals in the heart of the South African savannah.

Thanks to David’s artistic talent and Kevin’s knowledge of animals, Cara Delevingne managed to cope with the splendor of the king of animals.

As a symbol of courage, strength and power, the lion is both Cara’s zodiac sign and her animal totem. Tattooed on her index, this emblem inspires her, guiding her in her choices while allowing her to face the risks.

“We cannot let the pressure crush us. It must be used as a fuel to push us forward and to face one’s fears and anxieties.” explains Cara Delevingne.

The English model is a source of inspiration for thousands of young women, and a wonderful ambassador for TAG Heuer ladies’ watches. The Don’t Crack Under Pressure campaign takes on a new dimension with Cara Delevingne, embodying contemporary youth as impertinent as it is audacious.

The campaign is for the new Carrera Lady watch – available to pre-order now from TAG Heuer websites.

Watch the film and see more images below.