Azzaro launches a new edition of the Chrome fragrance – Chrome Aqua is the essence of the Mediterranean in a bottle.

First there was Chrome, a fragrance born out of the close bond that Loris Azzaro shared with his grandson Romain, and now Chrome Aqua tells the story of a unique moment of closeness between father and son as each dares the other to jump into the blue of the unknown.

Capturing the instant, exhilarating and fleeting joy of the great plunge that the two take together, this is a memorable moment of pure devotion shared by father and son.

In the creation of Chrome Aqua, a thousand shades of blue weave together a story of all the Mediterranean sensations Loris cherished so deeply in a fragrance, thus creating the fragrant trail of timeless freshness.



Like an invitation to jump into the cool blue ocean, Chrome Aqua is the essence of the Mediterranean in a bottle.

The fragrance envelops the skin with the intense feeling of aquatic freshness that is felt when your body first hits the water. Drawing inspiration from overlooking the sea and gazing endlessly into the azure blue, Chrome Aqua revisits
the legendary freshness of Chrome with a new interpretation bursting with lively aromatic notes.


Sparkling grapefruit zest intermingles with juicy green apple to arouse the senses.


A blend of spearmint and basil essential oil* rebalances and strengthens the fragrance’s marine notes with new aromatic freshness whilst invigorating the skin like a dive into the great depths of the ocean.


Haitian vetiver essential oil* gives Chrome its masculine signature woody texture. With its lingering trail, it radiantly exudes the grapefruit zest and intensifies the fragrance’s citrus solar nature.

“At the moment the sun starts to set, very often the Mediterranean takes on dazzling metallic tones, and the sea becomes an expanse of chrome-like liquid metal.” Loris Azzaro


The Chrome bottle is a simple vessel with sleek, refined lines. Its iconic square shape with softened edges has been updated with the deep aqua tones of the depths of the ocean, whilst the original chrome-plated cap has been re-imagined in a soft white finish. The opaque, green-tinted glass symbolises the sun’s rays piercing through the waves, tinting the ocean waters with its vibrant colour. The bottle’s matte finish is a nod to the gentle washing and rolling of sea foam, like that of sea glass.

Chrome Aqua is a Citrus Aromatic Woody Eau de Toilette creation by Jean-Christophe Hérault.