Azzaro set to explode new Wanted Girl fragrance in duty free

Azzaro set to explode new Wanted Girl fragrance in duty free

Azzaro has launched an ‘explosive’ female fragrance to match up with its 2016 men’s scent, the new edition is titled Azzaro Wanted Girl.

Azzaro launched the original masculine fragrance Wanted back in 2016, it was inspired by the hedonistic way of life of the brand’s founder Loris Azzaro during the 70s. Now, the Azzaro house is launching Azzaro Wanted Girl – a female equivalent for the original men’s scent. Look out for it in duty free stores in the coming months.

Azzaro Wanted Girl is an oriental, floral and gourmand composition made by 4 perfumers.

Reportedly, the new fragrance represents an imaginary flower – “A 3D flower that’s exactly like her: explosive, alluring, and delectable…but never too sweet!” – that develops through 4 different elements:

Fanny Bal orchestrated an explosion of fresh, sour pomegranate; Jean-Christophe Hérault created an aphrodisiac ginger flower, thanks to the exclusive co-distillation of orange blossom and ginger; Loc Dong introduced datura, giving it sweetness with Dulce de leche; Dominique Ropion imagined a beautiful, tempting flower that discards restrictions. He worked on the boldness of datura flower.


The shape of the bottle is both a flower and a hand grenade at the same time. The men’s edition also has explosive styling looking like the cylinder of a revolver.

The advertising campaign features models Georgia Fowler and Nikolai Danielsen. Azzaro Wanted Girl is available as a 30, 50 and 80 ml Eau de Parfum.


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