Beauty&You thrills travellers at HKIA with Hermès and Dior fragrance launches

Beauty&You thrills travellers at HKIA with Hermès and Dior fragrance launches

Following the House99 by David Beckham pop-up in August, The Shilla Duty Free, one of the world’s leading travel retail companies, continues to collaborate with world-renowned brands to offer unique and memorable shopping experiences tailored to savvy consumers.

For the months of September to October, Beauty&You in Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has partnered with esteemed fashion houses, Hermès and Parfums Christian Dior to showcase their new fragrances. The Curated Zone at the two largest Beauty&You outlets have been transformed into distinctive experiential spaces, featuring engaging digital components and new technology showcased in Asia-Pacific for the first time.

The Hermès and Parfums Christian Dior showcase is located at the Beauty&You’s East Hall North and South stores respectively, from now until 7th October 2018.

Collaborating with French high fashion label Hermès, the Curated Zone in the East Hall South store has launched a showcase for the “Terre d’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver” fragrance, featuring a tactile infrared technology new to the region. Merging the digital display with fragrance testers, the experience allows customers to generate striking visual and sound effects on moving images by swiping the Hermès perfume bottle across a specially-programmed LED screen. Each image illustrates Hermès’ inspiration and narrative for the fragrance to create a powerful and interactive cinematic journey. The Shilla Duty Free is the first retailer in the Asia-Pacific to incorporate this interactive technology in stores, which demonstrates once again the brand’s commitment to be positioned at the forefront of the experiential retail trend.

Showcased in Asia-Pacific for the first time, the new technology enables customers to use Hermès’ fragrance bottles to interact with the digital touch screen.

Highlighting Parfums Christian Dior’s new fragrance “JOY by Dior”, Beauty&You’s East Hall North store has delivered a sensual journey at the Curated Zone, beginning with a virtual reality (VR) experience. Through the use of Dior’s virtual reality headset, Dior Eyes invites customers to embark on a visual tour into the brand’s perfume making craftsmanship and allows a 360-degree experience of the new product. In conjunction to the visual component, the Curated Zone also introduced an innovative way to stimulate the senses. LED screens depict the starry night sky as seen in the brand’s latest campaign film, while Dior’s Joy olfactive cabin allows the delicate scent of “JOY by Dior” to be subtly diffused within the retail environment, encouraging customers to indulge in the floral and citrus aromas of the elegant Eau de Parfum. Redefining the traditional sales approach, the feature offers a new model of immersive retail for promoting perfumes.

The Dior Eyes VR headset offers a visually stimulating experience for customers to learn about the product.


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