Russian Standard Vodka announces the re-launch of its premium vodka brand, Russian Standard Platinum, with a new improved taste profile and elegant refined bottle.

Russian Standard Platinum is now even cleaner and softer to drink, thanks to revolutionary technologies such as special rectification and unique silver filtration. An increased resting process further enhances the flavour by giving Russian Standard Platinum an amazingly mild taste, which cannot be achieved by standard production processes.

The Russian Standard Platinum experience is complimented with a new eye catching and elegant bottle. Glittering smoky glass, unique metallic silkscreen and beautiful monograms decorate the bottle to add to a beautiful superior packaging that appeals to consumers seeking more authentic premium brands.

Russian Standard Vodka is carefully crafted using water of glacial origin from Lake Ladoga and winter wheat from the Russian Steppes and is distilled over 200 times. The result is a unique unrivalled liquid that is exceptionally smooth and delicious.

Russian Standard sales volumes increased in 2017 by 3% to 3.4 mln 9l cases and the brand has risen to 16th place amongst the world’s best-selling vodka brands (Drinks International). Further strengthening Russian Standard positions all over the world is a strategic priority for Roust Corporation. Russian Standard is available in 80 countries, it is the 2nd biggest vodka brand in the UK and Israel, #3 in Germany having grown +10% in H1 vs LY, #4 in France, launched recently in one of the biggest vodka markets world-over – Poland.