Pernod Ricard has added a lemon-flavoured gin to its Beefeater portfolio.

Pernod Ricard’s gin arm, The Gin Hub, has created Beefeater Zesty Lemon. Brand founder James Burrough picked ‘the freshest’ lemons from London’s Covent Garden market to create the new expression.

Master distiller Desmond Payne MBE added natural lemon flavours to the classic Beefeater London Dry Gin base to make Beefeater Zesty Lemon.

Payne said: “Citrus has always been an important element in our gins. It brings freshness to the balance of the overall flavour. It is also a perfect complement to the classic notes of juniper and the earthier flavour of angelica. Beefeater Zesty Lemon was inspired by the Burrough’s Lemon Gin produced in the 1950s. This contemporary approach delivers a zingy freshness that makes it perfect for today’s discerning gin drinker. A hint of sweetness on the palate with a burst of zesty lemon on the finish.”

Bottled at 37.5% ABV, Beefeater Zesty Lemon will be available in 10 countries from March. The RRP will differ from market to market.


Murielle Dessenis, global brand director, said: “We can’t wait to share Beefeater Zesty Lemon with our ‘urban explorers’ because it delivers a refreshingly balanced and natural taste.

“Our urban explorers are constantly on the hunt for something new. For these consumers, taste and visual are king, and lemon is currently the top-ranking flavour with high-visual potential.

“Our new flavoured gin is not only vibrant and perfect for Instagram, but citrus has always been at the centre of Beefeater, making it a perfect fit for the brand.”