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Burberry releases ‘The Power of Individuality’ campaign for A/W 2021

Burberry releases ‘The Power of Individuality’ campaign for A/W 2021

Burberry reveals its Autumn/Winter 2021 campaign, bringing together contrasting perspectives in a celebration of the season’s exploration of fluidity and the power of individuality.

Playing on the concept of duality, the campaign contrasts raw, classical studio stills, captured by photographers Mert and Marcus, with bold, candid shots, captured backstage at the Autumn/Winter 2021 presentations by photographer Chris Rhodes. The collections themselves transform through these opposing lenses, encouraging different viewpoints and freedom of expression.

Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collections by Riccardo Tisci explore the narrative of modern femininity and masculinity, re-writing the narrative with a sense of boldness and opportunity. Paying homage to the indomitable force of Mother Nature and the widespread British craft and outdoor movements of the early 20th Century, the collections nod to those who daringly ventured into nature, breaking with convention in their journey towards building a better future.

‘This season is very much about freedom of expression and the importance of exploring creativity. And so, for the campaign, I really wanted to build on these notions and have the collection captured from two different creative perspectives. I collaborated with the incredible Katy England on the styling for the campaign to create a beautiful and powerful fluidity across both juxtaposing images, and I am so excited to have also worked with Mert and Marcus and Chris Rhodes to bring them to life through each of their unique lenses.’
Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Officer


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