Davidoff launches two brand-new eaux de parfum: Cool Water Intense for Him and for Her – in duty-free markets around the world.

Are you ready to cross the ocean? Thirty years ago, using a highly innovative ingredient (the Dihydromyrcenol molecule) combined with lavender, Pierre Bourdon created a new fougère that boldly embraced an overdose of freshness. This new fresh-floral scent, crafted with more than 18 natural ingredients including geranium, pink pepper and orange essential oils, was an innovation that entirely reshaped the world of men’s fragrances.

Beyond this perfumery tour de force, Davidoff Cool Water truly endorsed a brand-new vision of masculinity. For the first time, a fragrance was not only meant to catch the attention and seduce: it was designed first and foremost as a sensation, an invigorating splash of freshness, a moment of pure pleasure. This hedonistic dimension was both liberating and empowering. It proclaimed that true fulfilment did not come from money,power or seduction. To achieve it, one had to find oneself.


Over the years, Davidoff Cool Water’s message has lost none of its relevance. On the contrary, it appears almost visionary. Torn between the imperatives of our modern urban existence and the aspiration to a more ecological and responsible way of life, people are more eager than ever to reconnect with nature and their true selves.

Davidoff Cool Water perfectly symbolises this state of mind. It is a statement that proclaims the importance of being at ease with oneself, fully in control yet ready to take risks, confident without being arrogant, cool in every circumstance. It’s about heeding the call of the ocean, remaining one with nature while in the pursuit of pleasure.


To celebrate its legendary fragrance and open a new chapter of its history, Davidoff decided to launch two brand-new eaux de parfum: Cool Water Intense for Him and for Her.

Creating alternative versions of such revered classics was a challenge for perfumers Annick Menardo, Amandine Marie and Christophe Raynaud. All were fully aware of the cult status of the scents they had known for years and considered among the most emblematic fragrances in the world of perfumery.

Beyond the inherent pressure of such an endeavour, the main challenge was to find a way to bolster Cool Water’s intensity without losing the signature freshness. The three perfumers cleverly answered this riddle by contrasting a fresh citrusy top note of green mandarin with a lush, generous and unexpected eau de fruit heart note.

Davidoff, for the first time, has revisited Cool Water’s freshness with an ethically sourced ingredient: the green mandarin. This handpicked citrus was harvested by a community in the Vale Do Caí in Brazil, as part of a sustainable sourcing partnership monitored by the perfumer creator.


For Cool Water Intense for Him, Annick Menardo’s fresh oriental fragrance opens with an invigorating note of green mandarin. Zesty and fresh, it sparkles with vitality. The piquant overture fades into a note of coconut water that gives the fragrance a very carnal edibility. The dry-down blends with an amber accord, adding to the sensuality and intensity of this boldly innovative eau de parfum.

For Cool Water Intense for Her, Amandine Marie and Christophe Raynaud designed a floral gourmand fragrance. The green and aromatic top note of mandarin is full of life and energy. It acts as the perfect prelude to generous and juicy mangosteen. This eau de fruit is extremely enticing. Facetted with exotic paradise flowers, it becomes simultaneously highly desirable and extremely empowering.

The aesthetics of Davidoff Cool Water Intense remain faithful to the signature line, be it the sober and architectural shape of the men’s bottle or the waterdrop-like sensuality of its female counterpart. Davidoff Cool Water Intense for Men was given a dark blue colour that, while retaining the perfume’s oceanic inspiration and natural elegance, underscores its aura of strength and power. The luminous gradient of the women’s bottle highlights the intensity of its deep blue lavender glass. Both outer boxes reflect these colour patterns and proudly display the updated Cool Water logo.


To mark the launch of the new Cool Water Intense, Davidoff unveils an ambitious campaign that celebrates the brand’s values and aspirations. It introduces the fragrance’s new faces: Christian Hogue and Vanessa Moody.

Christian’s athletic body reflects his passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle. Highly charismatic and fully in sync with the modern codes of masculinity, he is a popular and influential personality. Vanessa is the quintessential cool woman: confident, strong and effortlessly elegant. Together, they embody the new generation of Davidoff Cool Water’s hedonists and their quest for freedom, well-being and authenticity.

The encounter of this iconic couple has been immortalised by acclaimed director Terence Neale. From the first exchanged glance to the thrilling dive into the ocean and the tender kiss that follows, the wide smooth movements of Terence’s camera fluidly capture the blend of cool attitude and tranquil grace displayed by the characters. World renowned photographer Lachlan Bailey managed to reflect the paradoxical combination of ease and intent that defines the Cool Water characters. On the ad print shots, they appear both relaxed and ready to jump into action.

Thirty years after its inception, true to the vision of its designers, Davidoff Cool Water continues to balance a cool attitude and a revolutionary state of mind.

Will you dare answer the call of the Blue?