Belvedere Vodka launches the Official Belvedere 007 Martini

Belvedere Vodka launches the Official Belvedere 007 Martini

The Polish vodka unveils how to make the iconic ‘shaken, not stirred’ martini…

“Ordering a vodka martini signals appreciation of the classic cocktail, which has been demonstrated effortlessly by James Bond throughout the years,” said Rodney Williams, president of Belvedere Vodka. “We believe the martini is the best place for our vodka’s character to shine through, and we are proud to present the Official Belvedere 007TM martini.”

Bond’s preferred “shaken, not stirred” vodka martini has become such an iconic catchphrase that, in 2005, it was selected as one of the 100 most famous lines in film. The Official Belvedere 007TM martini, available at the world’s most refined cocktail bars, is crafted with Belvedere Vodka, Dry Vermouth and is always “shaken, not stirred”. Elegant, balanced and distinctive, it is full of character with every sip and finished off with a lemon twist.

The Official Belvedere 007TM martini
60 ml / 2 oz. Belvedere Vodka
10 ml / 1/3 oz Dry Vermouth
Shaken, not stirred
Garnish with a lemon twist

Excellent choice, Mr. Bond.

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