B|Y stands for Be Young. Be Bric’s. The letter B, like the claim and some stylistic details of the Brand Identity, clarifies and consolidates the link between the two brands, which embrace a wider audience.

“B | Y presents itself to the market as a new modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle brand, conceived for a fresh and positive approach to life and travel”, says Attilio Briccola, Bric’s CEO.

B|Y looks at Y Generations, the Millennials, and gives a nod to Z Generation, those who are born after 2000. Millennials, children of new technologies, eternally connected, open, receptive, careful to their look, used to live in liquid way; Generation Z consumers, hyper connected, multimedia, autonomous and very sensible to global problems.

B|Y is a young brand, a perfect travel companion for younger people in their 20s to 40s: the first aim Erasmus experience, exploratory journeys in search of inspiration and adventure; the latter seek a successful career, but at the same time are aware of the value of time and space that they want to explore in search of experience. Both categories believe in creating connections, in travelling (online and in person), have minimal & essential tastes, and care about design and functionality.

B|Y is launched with two Collections, Ulisse and Itaca, a series of hard trolley cases in Polypropylene and a series of soft trolleys and travel items, both characterised by minimal linear shapes with stylistic and functional details.

Ulysses and Itaca: two names that bring with them all their heritage of history, legend and mythology. As in an urban epic poem, the modern Ulysses, a nomadic and contemporary hero, travels to return to his Ithaca, flying over oceans by plane and facing the urban jungle on the subway.

Hard Case Collections: Ulisse

The subway map is the main source of inspiration for Ulisse: the shells of the suitcase feature low-relief glossy graphic lines that contrast with the matt shell and are the the leitmotif of the collection. Ulisse is more than a collection, it is a real project, born out of the cooperation between Bric’s and the Italian industrial designer David Dolcini. David Dolcini Studio is based in Italy and Spain, and thanks to its young and international DNA and to the synergy with BRIC’S R&D department, it designed a collection suitable for Millenials.

“The possibility of approaching the theme of Travel together with a leading luggage manufacturing company like Bric’s, was extremely challenging”, says Dolcini, who wisely turned the subway map into a geometric pattern, harmoniously integrated on the suitcase shell and repeated in the inner lining: “I have tried to express my personal synthesis of the journey in the graphics of the pattern: a path that is almost never linear and always opens new roads.”

The Ulisse collection trolleys come in 3 sizes, cabin, medium and large, all expandable to increase their depth by 4 cm – extra volumes is always a plus after a weekend spent in shopping. The cabin trolley is available both in the expandable and in the standard version, to comply with the strictest baggage allowance regulations. The TSA approved combination lock and the hidden name tag are simply perfect when you need to check in your luggage.

The cabin size, in both versions, is equipped with a double USB connector (both for USB standard and the new C-type generation) for battery packs, and an internal pocket for the Power Bank. Very important details, real lifesavers especially for those who travel long distances.

The 4 double swivelling wheels, built-in to maximise internal volume and facilitate full-load transport, and the trolley handle, are customised by Bric’s, a brand whose know how and 67-year history guarantee top quality functional and performance elements.

The interior pleasantly surprises with its interesting lining, which reproduces the same graphic motif drawn on the trolleys, and its dedicated pocket containing an easily removable and washable sachet to store shoes, laundry or any special items.

You can choose six different colours for your trolley: Black, Dove and Ocean Blue to satisfy the most sober tastes; Pearl Pink, Sky Blue and Mango for a fresh and current palette of colours, from pastel to lively.

Soft Collections: Itaca

Itaca is B|Y Soft collection.

The front of the trolley is characterised by an urban-inspired graphic design, defined by tone stitching and reminiscent of a subway map.

The collection features a soft, structured nylon trolley available in three sizes, cabin – M – L, with four swivelling wheels and an expandable zipper for a 4cm extension. In addition, Itaca offers a not expandable cabin size trolley, designed to meet even the strictest baggage allowance regulations. Important details for travellers: integrated TSA lock and address holder.

The offer is completed with a casual and sporty weekender bag and a toilet kit that combines style and practicality and features a hook that you can hang anywhere, to be ready to leave for your next destination.

The soft line comes in three colours that have been selected to match the Ulisse collection: Black and Blue for a sober traveller, Mango for a sparkling experience.

The Mix & Match creates a perfect complementary between soft and rigid lines, so that everyone can create their own ideal set.


Bric’s was founded in 1952 near Lake Como: this luxury Italian travel brand is now known worldwide for its exceptionally crafted travel ware and fashion accessories.

Over 65 years of history, business, long standing local roots and passion. Fine craftsmanship and manufacturing and attention to details have always been the characteristics of the brand. Bric’s has become an ambassador of Italian style in the world, by leveraging on the potential offered by the global marketplace in terms of distribution and production and by staying true to the motto “Made in Bric’s”, namely the philosophy and culture of the “Made in Italy.” Bric’s continues to be a Family Company, it is now in its third generation and it is still holding fast to the far-sighted entrepreneurial dream of its founder, Mario Briccola.

David Dolcini

David was born in Italy, near Milan, in a family with with long craft tradition. His vision and approach to design are the result of a number of different educational and professional experiences abroad, made over several years.

After his studies at the Politecnico di Milano and at the University of Central England in Birmingham, he entered the world of design as Luceplan project manager. After graduation, he worked in Shanghai for A00-Architecture and in 2007 he founded his own business, DAVID DOLCINI STUDIO.

Some of his projects, including Ara, Pinocchio and MOD, have been selected for international shows and awards. Between 2013 and 2011 he cooperated with some ONGs for specific projects in Kenya, Brazil and Mozambique.

In 2012 he opened a new branch in Valencia, Spain.

In 2017 and 2018 he was Ambassador at the Italian Design Day in Yerevan and Helsinki.

Founded in 2007, DAVID DOLCINI STUDIO deals primarily with product and industrial design, interior and exhibition design and artistic direction. The Studio cooperates with Luceplan, Porada, Bric’s, Panasonic, Riva1920, Galassia and IED.