English brand Brockmans Gin has expanded its range with an agave spirit-based expression, infused with pink grapefruit.

The ‘disruptive’ spirit drink echoes the brand’s ‘properly improper’ ethos that, while respecting conventional methods, is by no means bound by them.

Described as a blend of ‘two distinct distilling cultures and tradition’, the spirit drink is made using Brockmans Gin cut with agave spirit, and takes its inspiration from bartenders in New York, who would cut gin cocktails with agave spirits.

Sitting at 41.2% ABV, it mixes the botanicals of Brockmans Gin with the flavours of Mexican agave, which are then ‘subtly enhanced’ with a hint of ‘natural’ pink grapefruit flavouring.

Of the launch, Brockman’s global marketing director Eric Sampers said: ‘’Agave Cut is the most properly improper thing we have done to date, and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

”It is a fantastic liquid that combines two seemingly very different distilling cultures and traditions into something unique, sophisticated and absolutely delicious to drink.’’

”Our growing fanbase of loyal customers have come to expect a lot from Brockmans and we are 100% confident that Agave Cut will not disappoint.”

“Brockmans Agave Cut is like nothing you’ve ever seen or tasted before – it is the blend of two distinct distilling practices meeting together in a glass. Our classically smooth Brockmans Gin is cut with the flare of Mexican Agave spirit, creating a unique blend of gin botanicals and verdant agave flavours, all subtly enhanced with a hint of pink grapefruit for an elegant finish.” – Brockmans

Produced in small batches, only 9,000 bottles of Agave Cut are available – each sealed with a teal-coloured wax, individually numbered and sold in a gift box for RRP £46 (US$56.54)

Agave Cut is recommended served either neat, in a long cocktail, or as part of a twist on a G&T. Brockmans said its ‘perfect’ serve is a Agave Cut Paloma, which sees the spirit added to a mix of lime juice, pink grapefruit juice, agave syrup and soda.

It joins Brockmans’ flagship gin and its Orange Kiss expression in the brand’s lineup.