A hot launch this spring from Bulgari as it unveils a Pink Sapphire edition of its signature Omnia fragrance line to duty-free stores around the world.

As previewed on Duty Free Hunter some months ago Bulgari’s new edition of its Omnia fragrance is now in duty-free stores – find out all about it below…

Bulgari reveals new Omnia Pink Sapphire floral fragrance


Magic: It does exist. It’s those wondrous moments when your life lines up perfectly. Reality, though, can only hold all the enchantment of your dreams if you dare . . . dare to share yourself, your voice, your art, and your talent. Bulgari has captured this very bold spirit in its new fragrance, Omnia Pink Sapphire. Its inspiration, the pink precious gem, is unique, bright, and multi-faceted, exactly like a truly one-of-a-kind life. Created by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, the radiant perfume is exuberant and exotic, a breathtaking reminder to run, jump, and dive into every day.



Ambitious, loving, experimental, determined, spontaneous, talkative – I live my life out loud and in color. Pink is my fave: It’s like a happy filter, brightening everything it touches. A profusion of pink kills the serious vibe. Because if I’m not having fun and trying new things and learning, what am I even doing? Life is about putting my whole pink-tinged heart into something. I can be a photographer, artist, model, writer, singer, fashion designer, game changer, and more now. I am not waiting to be discovered. I am not waiting to be hired. I connect to the world directly. The only thing stopping me at times is my own doubt. Pink is positivity. When I see the color, I smile, feel a bit bolder, and am willing to dare. Like my lucky charm, it reminds me that there are no mistakes and there is no perfection. There’s only adventure. My life is completely uncharted territory, and pink is a flare propelling me to keep imagining and inventing. The truth: I wouldn’t have it any other way, and if I could double-tap my whole bold and dreamy life, I would.


… I really am as lit with happiness as I look in my pic

… I’m driving with my tribe and our tune comes on

… me and my bestie tag each other in the same meme at the same time

… getting ready for the party is as much fun as the party

… I share the very thing I’m scared to and rack up more likes than ever

… I score the perfect millennial pink hair and look extra fierce

… I send my crush a Snap—and he Snaps me back

… I’ve been slaving at my passion and am finally slaying it, too

… I face a troll and feel even more sure of my own truth

… I use my voice to support change and my tribe has my back more than ever

… my life is so in sync with my hopes and wishes that I think I might just see a real, live unicorn


Omnia Pink Sapphire is an effervescent and whimsical scent, exuding the same sunny vibe as its namesake color. “It is the fragrance of dream and escape,” says Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. It opens with a lively rush of sparkling citrus and pink pepper, inviting you to delight in unencumbered joy. The pink elixir then whisks your imagination to the faraway lands of Tahiti and Polynesia. Those islands are home to the delicate solar frangipani and wild tiara flower, the creamy floral heart of the fragrance. Bulgari has captured the scent of these exotic flowers through a technique known as “Headspace”, which preserves an olfactory moment in time much like Instagram captures a visual one. The flowers aren’t plucked, distilled, or extracted like they are in traditional perfumery. Instead, a neutral gas absorbs the bloom’s fragrance while leaving the flower itself intact, the perfumer can then reconstitute its scent from his palette of raw materials —an inventive technique for a singular fragrance for an exceptional woman. Every journey worth taking leaves you a touch sweeter and richer, and the multi-sensory experience that is Omnia Pink Sapphire is no different: It wraps up with the softest hint of vanilla and warm wood and musk notes. For the woman who prefers her pink luxe, from fuchsia gems to rosé champagne, Omnia Pink Sapphire bottles the thrilling, unstoppable energy of the hue in a scent that’s fresh, silky, and intoxicatingly seductive.

A multisensory journey

Fizzy pink pomelo and fusing pink pepper
Fresh, effervescent, sparkling

Solar frangipani and wild tiare flower
Exotic, velvety, radiant

Vibrant wood and white musks
Fancy, magnificent, enveloping


The scent opens with a spark of fizzy citrus, the pomelo fruit. Often mistaken for its close relative, the grapefruit, the juicy pomelo instantly wakes up your senses. The note even teases your taste buds, thanks to a special olfactory technique used to create it known as “Smell-The-Taste ™,” designed not only to capture the aroma but also the taste and consistency of an ingredient. The multi-sensorial experience steeps you in the pomelo’s zesty and sweet world.


Sourced from Reunion Island near Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, the pink pepper packs spicy, citrus, and floral aromas into one small seed. It’s a little reminder not to judge pink by its color: The whimsical shade is full of surprises. It’s oftentimes a mark of something sweet or tart, but it’s just as likely to serve up some spice.


Ordinary flowers won’t do for the thrill-seeking adventurer. The match for her dreamy disposition? Exotic florals from faraway destinations radiate at the heart of the fragrance. Infused with sunshine, the frangipani flower glows with its soft velvety and rosy facets. The delightful exotic white floral scent of tiare from the island of Moorea is an invitation to travel. Freshly fruity and intensely radiant. Together both flowers shape the perfume’s natural and solar character, invoking images of pink-streaked sunsets and fun-filled days ahead.


Redolent of sun-drenched shores, a warm melange of white woods and white musk is at the base of the scent. Soft, smooth and slightly powdery, the scent’s dry down is akin to a new canvas for your next pink-filled creation. With the creaminess of musks, a throwback to childhood and innocence, the sweet scent is a reminder that you wander, dream, and create to ultimately feel more at home in the world and dare to be your true self.

The Bulgari Omnia Fragrance Collection is inspired by gems, nature’s splendid and precious creations. To capture their kaleidoscope of colors and iridescent luster, Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas taps nature once more, sourcing its most exotic plants and unique materials. The result: the radiant Omnia Crystalline, the elegant Omnia Améthyste, the vibrant Omnia Coral. Now Morillas adds a new jewel to the collection: the super sparkly Omnia Pink Sapphire.
The inspiration for the collection’s bottle? What else but a gem. Formed by two rings flowing into each other, each flacon is meant to be displayed like a jewel. The shape mimics the symbol for infinity, representing the powerful feeling of abundance and the limitless feeling of freedom.

Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire is available now from World Duty Free.