Bulgari masterfully intertwines the timeless allure of Rome and Istanbul—once known as Eastern Rome—in a new high perfumery takeover at Istanbul Airport.

Developed in collaboration with Gebr. Heinemann and Unifree Duty Free, the pop-up presents the BULGARI ALLEGRA fragrance collection in a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that runs from January 1 to March 31.

To celebrate its launch, the pop-up kicked off with an event on January 30, 2024, bringing together Bulgari’s business partners, esteemed press, and friends of the House.


The BULGARI ALLEGRA pop-up is meticulously designed to captivate attention within the bustling main beauty shop in Unifree Duty Free, Right Aisle. Bright, modern, and dynamic, the space seamlessly blends brilliant light and vivid color.

From a distance, travelers are drawn to a majestic silhouette—a rose-gold-toned flacon, reminiscent of Bulgari’s iconic cabochon cut—teasing the theme of the pop-up. Up close, visitors can enjoy the rose gold hue that adorns all the pop-up’s xtures. Paying homage to the precious metal integral to Bulgari jewelry, this metallic beautifully reflects light and captures the radiance emblematic of both the Eternal City and Istanbul.

This luminosity is anchored by travertine stone displays and complimented by a carpet in Bulgari’s signature orange, both an echo of the Maison’s Roman roots.


Allegra means “joyful” in Italian, and the BULGARI ALLEGRA collection taps the superlative emotions synonymous with an Italian escape, from the energizing sun of the Italian Riviera (Riva Solare Eau de Parfum) to the enchantment of the winter solstice in Puglia (Spettacolore Eau de Parfum) and the pure passion of Italian love (Baciami Eau de Parfum).

Vividly Italian, the fragrances are designed to be amplified with seven Magnifying Essences for a vibrantly emotional olfactive journey. Never static, the collection explores a thousand nuances through the harmonious fusion of Eaux de Parfum and Magnifying Essences. Through this singular approach, the BULGARI ALLEGRA collection magni es the pleasure of the exceptional Italian lifestyle, from the sparkling Mediterranean Sea to an incandescent Roman sunset. This extraordinary collection elevates haute perfumery to a new dimension
with its innovative perspective.


The BULGARI ALLEGRA generative artificial intelligence technology enhances the fragrance by introducing a synesthetic dimension. Clients are immersed in an interactive world where scents, images, and sound converge, creating a unique and enjoyable interaction. Using a mixing console, participants can take on the role of a DJ, navigating suggestions as they create their own perfect balance of a BULGARI ALLEGRA Eau de Parfum and a Magnifying Essence. This synthesis of emotion culminates in a personalized generative audio and video artwork—a testament to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the BULGARI ALLEGRA experience.


In addition to the Mixology experience, the pop-up will highlight a specific Italian theme and emotion each month, featuring complimentary bespoke services on designated days. The themes of the first three months are:
 January: Celebrazioni
Bespoke service: Celebrating the new year with Italian audacity, an illustrator will draw clients’ portraits in a festive style.
 February: Passione
Bespoke service: Clients will receive small red ower bouquets inspired by Italian love and passion.
 March: Mediterraneo
Bespoke service: To welcome spring, an illustrator will draw custom Mediterranean artwork.


To entice travelers to the pop-up, an extensive media campaign at Istanbul Airport will spotlight the worldwide best-seller BULGARI ALLEGRA Baciami Eau de Parfum, an intoxicating ambery oral fragrance embodying Italian seduction. In tandem, a precisely targeted social media campaign, tailored to travelers in Istanbul Airport, will be active throughout the duration of the pop-up. Once more featuring BULGARI ALLEGRA Baciami, this campaign heightens visibility and invites travelers to participate in the BULGARI ALLEGRA Mixology experience.


In the joyful spirit of BULGARI ALLEGRA, Bulgari’s top management is hosting a launch event to publicize the rst-ever BULGARI ALLEGRA immersive experience and to thank its business partners from Gebr. Heinemann and Unifree Duty Free for their long-standing, successful partnership.

As Unifree Duty Free Chief Commercial Officer Ceren Tonguç explains, “At Unifree Duty Free, our foremost priority is delivering exceptional service and crafting an exceptional shopping journey for our customers. Serving as a pivotal link between global brands and passengers, we are delighted to introduce BULGARI ALLEGRA animations at our Unifree Duty Free store in Istanbul Airport. This initiative offers travelers a multisensory, personalized experience, leveraging cutting-edge trends and technology. Our ongoing objective is to continually enhance communication between passengers and brands, ultimately elevating the overall customer experience.”

Jens Peter Peuckert, Director Marketing at Gebr. Heinemann, also commented: “The pop up stands for extraordinary luxury and shows what is possible in travel retail when the right partners join forces. We are delighted that Bulgari is targeting travelers with a multi-channel
approach to create awareness for this project. Together with Bulgari, we celebrate the creation of a truly exceptional shopping experience, enriching our already spectacular assortment with unparalleled elegance.”

Local luxury press and social media personalities Sibil Çetinkaya and Buse Terim Bahçekapılı will also be attending, with a special invitation to create their own BULGARI ALLEGRA olfactive signature and experience its visual interpretation. An oasis elevating the larger than-life feelings of Italy, the pop-up promises guests and unforgettable sensory journey, marking a groundbreaking new development in high perfumery.