Bulgari ‘Temple of the Jeweller’ pop-up lands at Paris Charles de Gaulle

Bulgari ‘Temple of the Jeweller’ pop-up lands at Paris Charles de Gaulle

Italian jewelry maker Bulgari is touching down at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport with a fragrance-themed pop-up.

Bulgari has set up its “Temple of the Jeweller” pop-up at Terminal 2E at the Charles de Gaulle airport, one of Europe’s busiest transportation hubs. The month-long pop-up, open from Nov. 3 to Dec. 1, will take travellers on a journey of the senses, exploring Bulgari’s jewellery and fragrance collections.

The Temple of the Jeweller, envisioned as a “temple of glamour,” is accented by gold décor to capture the essence of the LVMH-owned maison. At the heart of the pop-up is Bulgari’s recently launched fragrance, Rose Goldea. Bulgari has also used the pop-up as an opportunity to showcase its iconic Serpenti jewellery collection.


In the marketing created for Rose Goldea’s debut, Bulgari intertwined the Serpenti motif into its communications for the scent. Connections to the Serpenti collection continue in Rose Goldea’s bottle design. The rose gold-color glass bottle has a band of Serpenti scales wrapped around its neck, symbolizing eternal love.

Also attracting attention for the pop-up is Bulgari’s inclusion of its high-perfumery collection Le Gemme. These fragrances will be exclusive to the Paris Charles de Gaulle pop-up.

Tempting airport passersby even further, Bulgari’s pop-up offers a gifting service. When perfumes or jewellery is purchased, Bulgari will wrap the items in ribboned coffrets.

An on-site artist will also be on hand on particular dates to illustrate cards with colourful Serpenti necklaces. Consumers who make a purchase will be invited to personalise these cards and Bulgari will happy to mail the one-off piece of art worldwide.



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