Italian fashion house Ferragamo is celebrating its cinematic roots with a social campaign that takes its pre-fall collection on a journey to Hollywood.

Ferragamo has longstanding ties with Hollywood, with its origins in creating bespoke footwear for movie stars. Lensed by Lorenzo Agius, the images show models getting ready to board a plane, wearing sunglasses in movie star fashion. Rounding out the scene setting, the label tapped DJ Harley Viera-Newton to curate a #FerragamoInFlightPlaylist on online music streaming service Spotify.

The models in the campaign are styled to evoke a glamorous lifestyle with clean-lined neutral attire, blown out hair and structured handbags. They stand in front of a plane or emerge from the back of a car positioned on the runway.

Ms. Viera-Newton’s playlist, designed for the trip to Hollywood, includes tracks from Pharrell Williams, Disclosure with Mary J. Blige, Cults and Little Dragon.

The 54-minute soundtrack can be listened to online or via Spotify’s mobile app for free with an account. Rather than hosting it on a Ferragamo-specific channel, the “Ferragamo Gift” playlist is part of Ms. Viera-Newton’s account, potentially enabling the brand to reach consumers outside of its own followers. It can be accessed here.

Other fashion labels have used Spotify as a way to expand on a specific collection launch. Italian fashion house Gucci expanded the reach of its social video with a Spotify hub featuring playlists by popular DJs. Gucci’s Spotify profile is part of a larger social media campaign that launched last March for the label’s Bamboo Fringe handbag, which showcased a number of female DJs’ interpretations of the bag. Spotify tends to be dominated by millennial consumers, pointing to a younger, more aspirational target audience for this campaign.

Source/images: / Luxury Daily

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