Season of Sophistication: Dress to celebrate with two new BOSS fragrances

Season of Sophistication: Dress to celebrate with two new BOSS fragrances

The festive season is black-tie season. Round off your tuxedo with a fragrance that suits the occasion.

This fall, BOSS Parfums is inviting men to dress to celebrate in style with the launch of its two new fragrances: BOSS Bottled Absolute and BOSS The Scent Absolute. Just like a perfectly fit tuxedo is the right choice for a black-tie occasion, the right accessories are as important to round out your outfit. A fragrance adds the finishing touches.

The two new scents in the portfolio give every man a choice; for contemporary masculinity, there is BOSS Bottled Absolute, which mirrors the confidence and charisma of the man who wears it, while BOSS The Scent Absolute encourages him to be more magnetic, while offering a level of seduction.


BOSS Bottled Absolute is the perfect choice for a special occasion. This limited-edition scent represents contemporary masculinity, a bolder reinterpretation of the iconic BOSS Bottled Eau de Toilette. An altogether more intense fragrance for those standout moments in a man’s life.

Crafted by master perfumer Annick Menardo, the BOSS Bottled fragrance range allows the Man of Today to choose the scent that reflects his needs for the day. Enabling him to be the best version of himself, whatever he does and wherever he finds himself.

BOSS Bottled Absolute For Him pays tribute to timeless elegance, opening with notes of fruity Apple complemented by the warmth of spices. At the heart, these notes are boosted by the energy of zingy Bergamot and enriched by the lush fruity texture of Plum. This combination of vibrant citrus and juiciness is the key to the timeless simplicity of this masterpiece.

The BOSS Bottled Absolute flacon embodies the charisma and confidence of the man who wears it. Designed in an opaque charcoal gray, it is finished with a sophisticated silver metal topper.


BOSS The Scent Absolute is magnetic, intense, seductive. It is the ideal fragrance for the season of sophistication. A more intense, richer interpretation of the original BOSS The Scent, BOSS The Scent Absolute For Him pushes the senses to the next level, encouraging the man who wears it to be more daring and discover what his night has to offer. The scent ignites his deepest desire to connect with others, inviting him to live an absolute night.

Crafted by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, BOSS The Scent Absolute For Him opens with a spicy Ginger freshness that meets with the aphrodisiac heart notes of Mondia root and Maninka fruit, while a deeply masculine and ruggedly coarse Vetiver shines at the base.

The most sensual journey for BOSS The Scent so far, the dark amber juice is housed within a dark taupe flacon and finished with a dark metallic cap.

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