CAMUS sets sail with limited edition Caribbean Expedition small batch Cognac

CAMUS sets sail with limited edition Caribbean Expedition small batch Cognac

CAMUS Caribbean Expedition is a one-of-a-kind small batch Cognac with a double maturation in Oceanic and Tropical climates – launching in September 2020.

This unprecedented concept of finish in highly distinctive environmental conditions is the fruit of an experimental vision by CAMUS looking at exploring the boundaries of Cognac making to enhance the intensity of aromas.

During the whole of the 18th and a good part of the 19th century, the Cognac trade around the world was made by ship, with oak barrels leaving their cellars in France and reaching their final destinations after months of sailing. By the end of the century, the introduction of glass bottles and specific AOC rules led to a completely new commerce for the Cognac Houses.

This change effectively cut out the period of “sea maturation” to which every Cognac was exposed before and which would undeniably influence the evolution of the liquid after the journey. In order to explore the opportunities guaranteed by this oceanic maturation, CAMUS decided to load 10 sealed casks of Cognac on a classic tall ship sailing through the transatlantic route which leads to the island of Barbados in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies.

The trip was secured thanks to the partnership with TOWT, a French Company still practising traditional maritime transportation by wind propulsion. After an adventurous journey of 45 days, the barrels landed in Bridgetown to be entrusted to Mr. Richard Seale, Master Distiller of the historic Rum House Foursquare, for a further year of maturation in tropical climate conditions.


CAMUS Caribbean Expedition is a Cognac with a double maturation in Oceanic & Tropical climates.

At the time of departure from La Rochelle, the 10 sealed casks originating this Cognac contained liquids already in their fourth year of ageing, with an ABV of 48%, before being subjected to a natural reduction during the oceanic and tropical maturation. The capacity of the casks was 350 litres, before
variation due to evaporation.

The one-off series resulting from this project is limited to 4,500 bottles, individually numbered.

In order to encapsulate all the key elements of this adventurous experimental project, CAMUS has created for Caribbean Expedition Cognac a pack with highly distinctive graphics. Presented in a one-of-a-kind cylindrical bottle, Caribbean Expedition features a label with visual hints inspired by the two iconic sites to which this Cognac is linked: France, through the port of La Rochelle and Barbados, through the port of Bridgetown. The texts and the drawings are underlined by an elegant golden thread that unleashes brilliance on the whole label.

The box in premium cardboard features an illustration of the journey to Barbados made by the 10 barrels of Cognac originating this experimental series.


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