Diageo Global Travel is delighted to introduce the ‘City Bag’ for Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one whisky* in travel retail. The bag will be arriving in airport terminal shops worldwide over the coming weeks and months. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester, it is Green Leaf certified and fully reusable.

Traditionally packed in cardboard cartons, Diageo globally has taken the decision to phase out the use of cardboard boxes around key scotch brands as it continues its journey to 2030 net zero. In the world of travel retail, where Johnnie Walker Scotch is number one, alternative options for traditional gifting and packaging are needed. The new bags are a lower carbon opportunity, both a gift and conveyance which Global Travel are rolling out across their airport universe.

The bags can be personalised to the city in which the Scotch is being purchased in and thereby add a novel souvenir component to buying a bottle of Johnnie Walker when travelling through the airport.

When comparing the bag to a typical box package the carbon emission improvement is 74% at 0.02kg of CO2e.

Andrew Cowan, Managing Director of Diageo Global Travel said: “Johnnie Walker, is working towards net zero scotch production by 2030. As committed as we are to reducing the impact of our meticulous distilling, maturing and blending in Scotland, we understand that our packaging is as important a focus. It has to appeal to our consumers, but it similarly has to be less and less physically impactful on our precious natural environment. The steps we are taking to consider the changes we need to make in packaging are many and complex. These City bags are a small step further along a journey we are on to consider the materials, the manufacturing process and the design of our bottle protection and gifting ahead.”