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Cap that! Jo Malone London releases limited edition birthstone fragrance caps

Cap that! Jo Malone London releases limited edition birthstone fragrance caps

The collection was created in partnership with the jeweller Duffy and brand ambassador Karen Elson.

Jo Malone London is releasing a limited-edition collection of bronze bottle caps with birthstones in partnership with brand ambassador Karen Elson and British jeweller Duffy.

The collaboration, Karen Elson’s Birthstones by Duffy, is a personal project for the pair. Elson has always had an affinity for birthstones. “What I love most is that they seem so charming and precious, and the idea of being able to create something coveted and collectible was really important to me,” she said.

Duffy, who works with vintage jewellry, said the collaboration allowed him to achieve his longtime dream of designing a bottle cap. “I’ve always wanted to make a bottle top, either for a drink or a fragrance. It was a challenge to work with an object I’ve never worked with before. It seemed like a natural pairing as Karen and I had already known each other through family connections,” Duffy said.

The Art Deco-style bottle caps are cast from pure bronze and feature a spiked design with a coloured, cubic zirconia stone depending on the month. Duffy said he wanted to keep the design sleek and simple. “The Jo Malone London bottle, label and packaging is so iconic on its own, so I wanted to make sure I did something to complement it,” he said.

The bottle caps are made to fit any 100 ml. Jo Malone London perfume and cologne bottle, and each one retails at £250 GBP. Customers can buy a set of 12 caps — or just one. The caps are limited-edition and only 204 have been produced.

They will be available to purchase online and in select stores across North America, France, China and Korea, the brand’s biggest markets and in the U.K. at the Regent Street boutique in London.

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