La Prairie is famous for their smooth, silver bottles that seem almost too nice to throw out even when the last cellular-infused drop of cream is finished. February 2016 will see the Swiss line go gold with a Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold.

The beauty fluid promises to give wearers a “lit from within” look while smoothing the skin all at the same time. Precious metals and stones have been showing up in luxury skin care in recent years, so it’s not surprising that the Fluide Pure Gold actually does contain pure gold powder which holds the promise of recreating the warm, radiant lighting of “golden hour” all day.

A little glow is good all year, but especially helpful to those living in northern climes when the product launches in February 2016, when any trace of a tan may well have faded. True to La Prairie’s form, the moisturiser makes use of all the latest breakthroughs in skin care. For formula, peptides are “gold wrapped” to deliver superior delivery and efficacy. This formula is silky and smooths out skin used in the morning or evening over serum or moisturiser.

In conjunction with the new Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold, they are releasing the Cellular Radiance Cream Blush in a special edition colour called “Lotus Glow”. Cream blush is popular for the extra dose of radiance it gives wearers. Ingredients like chamomile extract soothe the skin while anti-oxidants vitamins A, C and E, fight free radicals.

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