To mark Earth Day, Lagardère Travel Retail Peru has initiated a one-month campaign, called ‘el mes del planeta’, in the Aelia Duty Free store airside, at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima. The objective of this campaign is to invite travelers to discover a selection of local products which have a positive impact on Peruvian communities and on the Planet.

The ‘mes del planeta’ campaign is promoting more than 160 products from 13 Peruvian brands supporting Peruvian communities and/or having a low carbon emission impact. This assortment of local products is the result of the important network of local Peruvian producers and craftsmen developed over the last months by the team locally.

For each product sold, Lagardère Travel Retail Peru will be donating one US dollar to Entrearboles, in order to support the plantation of trees in Callao, on lands surrounding Jorge Chávez International Airport. Donations will be complemented by two suppliers’ financial support, Kuna and 14 Inkas. The specific tree species which will be planted have been selected according to their ability to thrive in the natural environment, mainly native trees such as Meijo, Molle Serrano and Tecoma.

The 13 brands selected to be part of the ‘mes del planeta’ campaign are already involved in supporting local communities. Examples include KUNA which design fashion from alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas, fiber and are taking care in the conservation, breeding and improvement of these species. Quma is working with small Peruvian communities to produce responsible cocoa, America Organica, a superfood brand, is leading projects to fight malnutrition in Peru and Saysi makes beauty and cosmetics products from 100% natural Peruvian plants and ingredients.

According to the Travel Experience Voices report, developed by Lagardère Travel Retail and based on airport and brand partners’ insights, airports and brands ranked 3.7 out of 5 the power of ‘Sense of Place’ to support local economies and producers, and 83% of our online panel of respondents are developing actions to support local communities.

In order to support the sales of these products, in-store staff have been through a dedicated training session to deliver the right narrative, to raise their awareness to in turn best advise travelers. As an example, if consumers are looking for buying vodka, they will direct them to Peruvian vodka rather than vodka imported from Europe, to support local communities’ products.

In addition to this training session, the backoffice team has also participated to ‘La Fresque du Climat’ to better understand the links between the causes and consequences of climate change and raise awareness on this challenging but very important topic.

This campaign is fitting with Aelia Duty Free DNA, designed around local authenticity, the store offers travellers an immersive experience into what the Peruvian culture has best to offer.