Casillero del Diablo unveils Travel Exclusive ‘Route of Cabernet Sauvignon’ wines

Casillero del Diablo unveils Travel Exclusive ‘Route of Cabernet Sauvignon’ wines

Concha y Toro, Latin America’s leading wine producer and one of the world’s top 5 wine companies, has unveiled its first-ever travel retail exclusive range from iconic wine brand Casillero del Diablo.

The ‘Route of Cabernet Sauvignon’ range features three distinct Cabernet Sauvignons from three wine-growing valleys in Chile, taking consumers on a tasting journey all the way to the Devil’s Cellar in Pirque, where the legend of Casillero del Diablo began.

Diego Baeza, Global Travel Retail & Duty Free Director at Viña Concha y Toro commented: “The launch of the Route of Cabernet Sauvignon marks a tremendous milestone for Concha y Toro and our flagship Casillero del Diablo brand. For the first time in our history, we have produced something exclusively for travellers – something original, storied and of exceptional quality. This is a confident step in Concha y Toro’s travel retail journey, and we’re very excited about our fantastic wines bringing new energy to the channel and helping to drive wine category growth.”

Baeza added: “This brand extension has been created as a result of the work done by the team in the Asia-Pacific region to identify that there is a significant gap between the offer in the domestic markets and that in travel retail. The Route of Cabernet Sauvignon range is the solution to this, bringing together Asia’s favourite wine variety, Chile’s expertise in Cabernet and a powerful global brand in Casillero del Diablo.”

Casillero del Diablo, the world’s leading Chilean wine brand, was recognised as #2 in the 2018 Global Wine Brand Power Index by Wine Intelligence. Folklore maintains that Casillero del Diablo wines are protected by the devil, stemming from a rumour spread by Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, founder of Viña Concha y Toro, to discourage pilferage from the original cellar in Pirque more than 130 years ago.

The Route of Cabernet Sauvignon comprises three different Chilean valleys and three different aging methods to produce three distinct and exceptional wines.

Nani Mulet, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific at Viña Concha y Toro commented: “In the development of this range, we have considered not just the attributes of each of these fantastic wines, but also how we guide the consumer through the range. The use of different ageing statements is a cue that many travel retail consumers will equate with other categories, such as malt whisky, where longer equals better, and the same is true here. We look forward to showing this in innovative and engaging ways at the point of sale when we launch in April.”

The ‘Route of Cabernet Sauvignon’ Range:

Maule – Oaked 10 months in barrels

Sourced from Cauquenes, a sub-region of the Maule Valley. Located 300km south of Santiago, the Maule Valley was one of the first Chilean regions planted with vines and has become one of the best areas in the country for producing Cabernet Sauvignon.

Rich in clay, the soil in Cauquenes is as red as devil’s fire. A dry Mediterranean climate with coastal influence from the Pacific Ocean results in a terroir ideally suited to Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged in French and American oak barrels for 10 months, this Cabernet Sauvignon is very well structured with a pronounced character and flavours of plums and black cherries, ending with a long and persistent finish.

RPP: USD $25.00

Rapel – Oaked 12 months in barrels

Situated between the Andes and the Coastal Range, the Rapel Valley is sheltered from the cold influences of the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a Mediterranean climate that produces rich red wines. The Rapel River is a vital resource for bringing fresh, mineral-rich meltwater down from the Andes.

The Palo Santo Vineyard extends along the hills and terraces near the southern bank of the Tinguiririca River. The river is key to moderating the Mediterranean climate while the mountains protect the vines, creating an extended dry season which allows grapes to reach perfect ripeness. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and foudres, this is a red wine as dark and deep as the devil’s cellar. Aromas of toasted cassis, cedar and blackberry, with hints of black pepper and a delicate, almost silky texture, are framed by soft tannins, leading into a long finish.

RRP: USD $40.00

Maipo – Oaked 16 months in barrels & casks

Sourced from two exceptional vineyards in Alto Maipo in the Maipo Valley – one of the best places in the world to produce Cabernet Sauvignon.

These two vineyards – Pirque, home of the Devil’s Cellar, and Puente Alto – share ideal conditions for producing Cabernet Sauvignon. A Mediterranean climate, in combination with rocky soil and stones rinsed by pure water from the Andes, give rise to wines of tremendous structure and elegance. 16 months of aging in a combination of French oak barrels and 5000-litre casks create a wine that combines purity of fruit with seamless oak integration.

Available in a premium giftbox.
RRP: USD $65.00

The Casillero del Diablo ‘Route of Cabernet Sauvignon’ range will enter duty-free and travel retail shops from April 2019.

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