CHANEL presents HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum Lèvres, the new microfluidic lip serum enriched with white camellia and hyaluronic acid. Combining efficacy and sensuousness, it offers a hydrating, plumping and soothing effect, both instantly and over time.

Microfluidic technology encapsulates the power of white camellia within thousands of micro-droplets, preserving it up until the moment of application. The Micro Sérum Lèvres combines two distinct phases: a water phase infused with hyaluronic acid and white camellia extracts, which have a hydrating, plumping and soothing effect; and an oil phase formulated with micro-droplets of white camellia OFA* extract, which lock in moisture.

The micro-droplets, which are perfectly compatible with the skin, melt upon application and release their precious white camellia extract, delivering an intense plumping effect. Lightweight and water-fresh, the formula absorbs instantly and forms a thin protective layer on the lips, keeping them hydrated for up to 24 hours** and leaving them perfectly prepped for makeup application.

Featuring travel-friendly packaging and a precise applicator tip that is soft to the touch, it is easy to use throughout the day.

*OFA: Oleofractioned active ingredient. Patented active ingredient.
**Instrumental test performed on 20 women.


HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum Lèvres features a fresh texture and is formulated with a combination of intensely hydrating and plumping active ingredients to nourish and soothe the lips. Lips feel protected and are perfectly prepped for makeup application.

24 hours of hydration*
24 hours of skin barrier protection*
*Instrumental test performed on 20 women.

After 1 month of application, lips are left with a better appearance:

• Lips appear 49%** plumper
• Lips appear 70%** smoother
• Lips appear 30%** less flaky
• Natural lip colour appears 62%** more vibrant

**Clinical evaluation performed on 34 women.


Apply HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO SÉRUM and HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO CRÈME to lock-in hydration, then swipe on HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO SÉRUM LÈVRES for smooth, supple lips.