Chanel introduces a new BOY·FRIEND

Chanel introduces a new BOY·FRIEND

Chanel’s latest watch – the Boy.Friend Skeleton – is shaped to be reminiscent of the curves of the bottle that contains Chanel’s most famous perfume, the iconic No. 5.

Chanel has been seriously raising its game in terms of timepieces – creating in-house movements at a rate of one per year for the past three years. Its third calibre, Calibre 3, debuted this year inside the heart of the Boy.Friend Skeleton.

The skeletonised movement is shaped as a series of vertically aligned circular curves, making it look like a circular mass floating within an empty octagonal beige gold case.

The BOY·FRIEND watch reveals a CHANEL Manufacture movement, visible from the back as well as the front. The graphic, black composition underscores its masculine-inspired design elements.

The new Calibre 3 is the third in-house movement produced by Chanel, signifying yet again the house’s dedication to haute horology. It took three years to develop the skeletonised movement, which was designed to look beautiful when viewed from every possible angle. The movement looks more like a design detail than it does a calibre, with interlinked, vertically aligned circles giving the dial a refined, minimalist aesthetic.

The manual-winding mechanical movement comes with a power reserve of 55 hours. It is made up of 114 components.

The watch, first launched in 2015, retains its signature octagonal case shape, which mimics the shape of the prestigious Place Vendôme, as seen from bird’s eye view. It is also reminiscent of the curves of the bottle that contains Chanel’s most famous perfume, the iconic No. 5.

Chanel’s first in-house movement, the Calibre 1, was unveiled in 2015 and was used to power the Monsieur de Chanel, the first men’s watch from the brand. Calibre 2 was unveiled in 2017, and is also a skeletonised movement.

The timepiece comes in a 18ct beige gold case, and a version studded with brilliant-cut diamonds is also available. The watch comes paired with shiny black alligator straps and is water resistant to 30m.

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