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CHANEL launches new Rouge Allure L’Extrait lipstick range

CHANEL launches new Rouge Allure L’Extrait lipstick range

The new ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT accentuates the style of the woman who wears it. A uniquely sensorial lip colour.

Concentrated radiance and care
A new light-reflecting, lip-conditioning formula containing a high concentration of pigments. A silky, comfortable texture that glides onto lips, delivering continuous hydration and protection throughout the day. Twenty satin shades for a bold, luminous, intense makeup look.

Beautiful inside and out
CHANEL has established the lipstick refill as a luxury item: innovative and intuitive, it fits into the slimmed-down, iconic black and gold case and snaps in place with a click. Colour becomes a game, and lipstick a daring companion.

The new lipstick that combines high-intensity colour with concentrated radiance and care.
A formula that is moisturising, comfortable, and protective thanks to the combined effects of ume flower extract and plant waxes.
The iconic black and gold click case has been reimagined, now ultra-slim, ensuring a smooth and precise line, and refillable, allowing for the 20 new satin shades to be swapped in and out. Refills are compatible exclusively with Rouge Allure L’Extrait and can only be used with an existing tube.
For high-intensity, luminous makeup looks.

Concentrated colour: finely ground and coated in oil, pigments unleash their full colour potential, revealing incomparable intensity for up to 8 hours* and from the very first stroke.

Concentrated radiance: the blend of powders and a plant-derived oil, selected for its powerful light-reflecting properties, delivers infinitely luminous colour to the lips.

Concentrated care: the formula offers 12 hours of hydration**, 10 hours of protection***, and comfort all day long, thanks to the combined effects of nourishing waxes and ume flower extract.

*Clinical evaluation of 22 women
**Instrumental evaluation performed on 15 women
***Instrumental evaluation performed on 21 women

How to use
Smooth, precise application in a single stroke.
Apply the lip colour first to the upper lip, starting at the outer corners and working inward, then to the lower lip, from one corner to the other.
For perfectly defined lips, ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT can be paired with LE CRAYON LÈVRES liner.

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