Say goodbye to dry, older-looking skin with NEW Lab Series Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream PLUS GINSENG. The refreshing blue gel cream charges skin up with a burst of refreshing hydration that lasts up to 24 hours.

Your dry, flakey skin isn’t just unsightly, it’s actually making you look older. Thanks to Lab Series Skincare for Men, the pioneer men’s prestige skincare brand, say goodbye to dry, older-looking skin. Using innovative technology, Lab Series is giving men an advanced way to charge skin with new Lab Series Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream PLUS GINSENG. The refreshing blue gel cream charges skin up with a burst of refreshing hydration that lasts up to 24 hours.

The advanced daily, age-fighting, skin-drenching treatment works to combat the first visible signs of aging skin, including the appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and a fatigued look. After use, skin feels firmer, fortified and looks more energized…charged up and ready for anything. The Gel Cream is infused with two differentiating factors – its water-in-silicone phase and a “double burst” sensation. The water-in-silicone formula works to create a smooth surface while simultaneously helping seal in hydration, leaving behind a weightless, natural finish. Above all, Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream delivers a true “wow” experience with a “double burst” of hydration to the skin.

Upon application, a unique sensorial experience occurs. The initial feeling or “first burst” of the Gel Cream on the skin is weightless with a non-greasy absorption to the skin. After 6-8 seconds, the second sensorial feel or “second burst” is an explosion of refreshing, cooling and energizing water. The result? The feeling of a cool splash of water on a hot summer day.
“This formula and texture is a new innovation for The Estée Lauder Companies,” said Justina Mejia, Executive Director, Product Development, Lab Series Skincare for Men. “We took inspiration from traditional gel creams but engineered the Water-Charged Gel Cream with an extra layer for hydration delivery and moisturization. The physiology of a man’s skin is at the heart of all our products, and we identified that a water-in-silicone formula structure would deliver an optimal moisture barrier that could sustain the grueling activity of a man.”

Hydra Burst Complex™ – Encompasses a blend of humectants, polymers and natural conditioning factors to help provide immediate hydration by attracting moisture to the skin’s surface and maintain it there. Nourishing moisturizers in the formula help diminish the signs of aging. The complex works to increase moisture levels, hydrate and condition the skin.

AO-10™ – A complex that helps neutralize visible damage caused by the environment, helping “hold off” the signs of aging.

G-ACTION™ – An encapsulation of energizing ginseng that helps amplify skin’s natural potential to work hard and recover fast for a revitalized look. Boosted with concentrated energized water, including Yeast Extract, Laminaria Digitata Extract, Creatine, Artemia Extract and Coleus Root Extract. The enhanced water complex recharges and maintains skin’s moisture levels. For generations, especially by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and professional athletes, Ginseng has been believed to provide energizing and endurance-enhancing benefits.
Double Peptide Blend – An innovative fusion of two powerful peptides helps support skin’s natural collagen. The blend plumps and firms the look of skin, thereby making lines and wrinkles look less apparent on the skin’s surface.

NEW Lab Series Skincare for Men Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream PLUS GINSENG will be available at Lab Series Travel Retail locations in the Americas and Asia Pacific from September 2014.