Clarins debuts Supra Lift & Curl Mascara: Make-up made for skin

Clarins debuts Supra Lift & Curl Mascara: Make-up made for skin

Introducing the latest innovation in make-up infused with skin care benefits from Clarins: Supra Lift & Curl Mascara.

The innovative new formula has lash-lifting benefits that help to create a more ‘open’ eye area and boost the strength of your natural lashes, leaving them looking curled, defined and lifted, with enhanced volume.

The secret? Clarins Laboratories were inspired by nature to develop two ingredient complexes that combine effective lash
care with make-up results.


The Clarins [Lash Lifting Complex]
The new lash lifting complex naturally enhances the curl and length of lashes thanks to a combination of special polymers of natural origin: chia seed and flax seed sugars, that give a natural lash lift upon application.

The Clarins [Lash Boosting Complex]
A lash boosting complex that visibly lengthens and strengthens lashes, day after day, leaving lashes appearing thicker and visibly longer.

The new plant-enriched mascara has an intense, water-resistant black mineral pigment that delivers long-lasting colour, as
well as being boosted by bitter orange flower wax, known for its filmogenic, structuring and lifting properties, which coats
the lashes in a super lightweight texture to gently curl and lengthen lashes in an easy one-step application.

This nourishing and protective formula is dispensed on an expertly-designed curved brush made from soft, dense fibres
that hug the natural curve of each lash. The brush also has a unique hollow core for delivering just the right amount of
formula upon application, and a rounded tip that coats every lash from the inner to the outer.

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