Clarins reveals the secret to Everlasting Youth

Clarins reveals the secret to Everlasting Youth

Clarins has just launched its brand new Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation, which combines the best of Clarins skincare and makeup.

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation SPF 15 is a hybrid between skincare and makeup, a lightweight foundation that restores youthful glow.

The foundation is particularly aimed at helping the aging skin to restore its youthful radiance. According to the brand, by the age of 50, the skin loses up to 34% of its ability to reflect and radiate light. This happens due to natural changes in the skin, such as the loss of density, more visible wrinkles, and changes in the skin texture.


The new Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation delivers a powerful dual effect by smoothing and toning the skin to restore its girlish radiance. A blend of ingredients, including collagen-boosting Chicory, mildly exfoliating Red Jania extract, and skin tightening Organic Oat extract, improves the skin’s light reflection properties while making it firmer and smoother.

A blend of protective botanicals, such as Organic Nipplewort, Organic White Horehound and Furcellari, protects the skin from environmental pollution. On the makeup side, the foundation is infused with a skin tone optimizing complex, containing pigment coated pearls, to create a luminous rosy reflection without setting in the fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, the foundation is fortified with SPF 15, which blocks 93 percent of UVB rays, if applied properly. The foundation is available in 24 shades, which should be more than enough to cover all skin tones and ethnicities. It arrives in a 30ml bottle with a price tag of £35 or €46. The exact number of shades depends on the market.

Clarins Everlasting Youth Foundation SPF 15 is now available from Clarins counters.

100 Lily
100.5 Cream
101 Lilen
102.5 Porcelain
103 Ivory
105 Nude

105.5 Flesh
106 Vanilla
107 Beige
108 Sand
108.3 Organza
108.5 Cashew

109 Wheat
110 Honey
111 Auburn
112 Amber
112.3 Sandalwood
113 Chestnut

114 Cappuccino
115 Cognac
116.5 Coffee
117 Hazelnut
118 Sienna
118.5 Chocolate


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