Clinique introduces Clinique iD – the perfect travel companion for your skin

Clinique introduces Clinique iD – the perfect travel companion for your skin

Clinique is launching its most personalised beauty system to date – maybe the perfect travel companion wherever you are heading.

With today’s beauty consumer more informed — and therefore more selective — than ever, courtesy of the Internet and social media, brands are having to rethink their one-size-fits-all approach. After all, each of us is unique, and so is our skin, so why wouldn’t our skin-care regimens follow suit? Case in point: Clinique iD, a customised hydration system based around the signature Dramatically Different Moisturiser lotions, which is set to be the brand’s biggest launch since 2010’s Even Better Clinical line.

Forty Beauty influencers from around the world have been deployed to spread the word – covering 5 destinations over 12 days and 60,000 miles these beauty gurus are road-testing the new line up – see more below – and sharing it all on social media.

“Customisation equals inclusion,” Julien Moignard, Clinique’s senior vice president of global marketing and who led iD’s development, tells Allure. “In today’s digital world, women are looking online before purchasing anything, and they have access to much more information than in the past. That’s why when we launch a product, we do it with a 360-degree approach. The beauty of this system is that it speaks to every single woman.”

Arriving December 1, the Clinique iD system works like this: First, you choose from one of the three Dramatically Different hydrating bases — the Hydrating Jelly, the fan-favourite Moisturising Lotion, or the Oil-Control Gel — then you mix in one of the five different active concentrate cartridges, each of which is formulated to address a specific skin concern. The cartridges are also sleekly designed to fit right inside the moisturisers (literally), and together they pump out a precise dose of product that’s 90 percent hydration base, 10 percent active concentrate.

Formulated with active ingredients like soothing lactobacillus ferment (aka good bacteria), plumping whey protein extract, and brightening alpha hydroxy acids, the cartridge options are color-coded based on the skin issues they target, which Moignard categorizes as the five main skin concerns among women worldwide. In addition to making them easily identifiable, the color-coded packaging also looks pretty chic, we have to say.

Take your pick from the following options: The green cartridge to soothe irritated skin, blue to retexturize and refine pores, white to help even out skin tone, orange to calm fatigue, and purple to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. If you do the math, that comes out to a total of 15 different combinations, all of which stick to the brand’s fragrance-free and allergy-tested ethos.

“We are all different, and one solution that fits all should not be the norm anymore,” says Moignard. “Technology and science are pushing us further. With iD, we empower women to create their own moisturizer based on the texture they like, their main skin-care concerns, and the ingredients that they trust.”

With the development and launch of iD, Clinique is banking on the notion that even though today’s customer is perhaps more skin care-savvy than ever, an overwhelming number of multi-use products in the market is still leaving folks confused about how to choose what’s right for them. Bottom line: We’re probably spending too much of our time and money to find skin-care products that actually work on our skin.

“My patients tell me all the time that they waste hundreds of dollars on skin-care purchases that turn out to exacerbate their problems rather than help them,” says Boston-based dermatologist Emily Wise. “Everyone has skin that is unique, so why should all of those people be using the same cleansers and moisturizers? Personalizing the approach [gives] everyone something that helps their individual needs.”

Of course, Clinique’s got plenty of research to back this up: The Estée-Lauder owned brand found that 68 percent of women in the U.S. believe they have yet to find the right facial moisturizer for their own skin. “We found that it can take them up to two years to find the perfect match, and up to five trials of different moisturizers, which is quite a lot,” Moignard explains. “And that’s why we felt that Clinique was the right brand to solve this problem at the right time.”

Still, just providing more customization options doesn’t make it easier for the consumer to actually figure out what products will work best for them, and that’s where the brand’s Clinical Reality will come in, Moignard says. Rolling out in 2019 on and at counters worldwide, the Clinical Reality questionnaire will digitally guide customer through the process, one-on-one. Moignard also hinted at some more innovative tech launches yet to come (hopefully end of 2019), which will also streamline the iD customization process, although the specific details remain under wraps for now.

Another exciting feature about the line is the price point: At just $39 for each bottle (125 milliliters), it’s meant to last three months if used as directed (twice a day, every morning and night). It’s also essentially combining two products and steps in your routine — correction and hydration — making iD an incredibly affordable option in the personalised skin-care market.

Clinique iD, which retails for $39 / GB£30 per bottle, will be available beginning December 1 at – do check duty free shop counters over the next few weeks for launches and share photos of your purchases via the usual @dutyfreehunter channels.



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