Italian fashion-forward brand Coccinelle has revealed its SS2018 collection of handbags including the lovely looking Ambrine and Arlettis lines.

“A face etched by a multi-ethnic collage, a look that speaks myriad languages, but which belongs to just one photograph, a daughter of multiculturalism. Face of Nations is a story of journeys and experiences, a portrait of freedom and independence, a melting pot containing just one ingredient: the world.”


Afro Beat in the City is a free, unconfined way to mix influences of African folk culture with the revolutionary avant-garde of the twentieth-century West. All in the name of freedom of expression against all stereotypes.

An impression of swing, rhythm and sound that resonate in iconic Coccinelle creations such as Ambrine and Arlettis, conveyed in unexpected materials and colours. Rattan, ethnic patterns, bold fastenings, zig zags, prints and embroidery blend just like on an imaginary totem pole.
Materiality and craftsmanship merge, transforming every bag into a decorative self-statement of style and identity.

Frais et spontané boast gentler somatic traits, drawing inspiration from distant lands with more delicate undertones, the subtle shades of wild flowers and the freshness of meadow dew.

Colours, nuances and prints offer a gentle, unexpected femininity and lightness, both authentic and contemporary. An air of romanticism barely implied by pastel suedes and two-tone lace details. Coccinelle steps out of the leather comfort zone, dabbling in new materials, using textiles and rattan, aspiring to become a mini urban picnic hamper for the city.

And to finish, a fruit print with its very own childishness makes the range yet more ironic and sophisticated, embellishing sport nylon as much as the entire accessories range in the form of scarves, jewellery and hats.

It’s all about women. Everything begins with the two women who now head up Coccinelle’s creative team. All of their designs have function before form, fulfilling a modern woman’s wants and needs. Every bag holds every women’s emotions.

The new Spring/Summer 2018 collection is now available in Travel Retail stores worldwide and online at