Italian fashion house Coccinelle has launched its Spring/Summer 2019 bags with the stars (and beyond) in mind. Ready for lift off?

Coccinelle will reveal its new Spring/Summer 2019 Collection for the duty-free market in Cannes during next week’s TFWA World Exhibition & Conference 2018. Until then, here’s the brand’s off-beat explanation of their new collection:

In a galaxy far, far away, there’s a fable about princesses who left on intergalactic travels by spaceship venturing towards “somewhere else” and a future home.

Space is the Place takes us to a dimension suspended between dream and real life, a “Space Oddity” that leaves from space and arrives in the Nevada Desert, whose colours are lit up at night by the Burning Man festival.

Landing in this bizarre world feels predestined, because as you look at this world-famous festival via satellite its shape in a desert that’s dazzling by day and teeming with lights at night is a “C”, a sort of shamanic reference to Coccinelle’s space princesses, a signpost like a tattoo on the face of the earth.

In the anonymity of space, the control tower calls Exoplanet. Creative directors Eleonora and Vinciane explain their journey through bold features.

“Carnivorous flowers. Boundless prairies inflamed by extra-solar rays. Pink, yellow and brown deserts. A new world seen through the porthole: a virgin landscape greets the cosmonauts, ready to rebuild a cosy habitat for themselves.

“An elegant, soft leather flap is perfect for the entire journey, while unusual materials make their own space. A bubble wrap effect for shoppers. Viennese straw that smells like summer. Jelly-like texture for tubular bucket bags. See-through traits for the iconic Ambrine. Supernatural colours for details: fuchsia, neon blue, silver and optic white, with the fun techno influences of digital mimetism.

“Starship Coccinelle lands in this sensory landscape of lights and colours. The message is universal: life is an adventure, a never-ending journey of discovery, a challenge that burns with energy and enthusiasm: Space is the Place but For Joyful Spirits Only.”

Visit the Coccinelle website for more details here