Crafter’s Golden Saffron Gin has officially joined the prestigious collection at Dubai Duty Free. This golden gin, crafted to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Dubai Duty Free, introduces travellers to a new and distinctive flavour experience.

“We have blended crisp Nordic flavours with oriental notes, resulting in an enticing choice for gin enthusiasts. Developed exclusively for Dubai Duty Free, Crafter’s Golden Saffron Gin represents a significant milestone in the two-year partnership between Liviko and Dubai Duty Free. For Liviko,duty-free is a strategic focus, as it’s where both business and leisure travellers seek new taste adventures, often igniting new trends,” stated Liviko’s Export director, Jörgen Herman.

The crown jewel of Crafter’s Golden Saffron Gin is saffron, a delicate spice known as “red gold” and highly valued around the world. Following distillation, this Nordic gin undergoes a seven-day infusion with saffron. The spice gives the gin with a beautiful golden-yellow hue, along with a gentle warmth and subtle spicy aftertaste. The crisp and herbaceous Nordic gin is softened by the fairytale of the east – red gold saffron, mythical lotus flower and citrusy mandarin peel – while the gingerroot’s spiciness is balanced by sweet and earthy orris root.

Crafter’s Golden Saffron Gin is made following recipe #19.

“We are always pleased to introduce products that are made exclusively for Dubai Duty Free. The addition of Crafter’s Golden Saffron Gin to our liquor listing is a testament to our mission of offering our customers unique and exceptional quality products in a world-class shopping environment and a fitting tribute to our milestone 40-year anniversary. We look forward to the success of this brand and to continuing to build our partnership with Liviko,” affirmed Sharon Beecham, Senior Vice President for Purchasing of Dubai Duty Free.

Liviko, the cornerstone of the Estonian beverage industry, celebrated its 125th anniversary in September. “At Liviko, we embrace innovation while honouring tradition, and these values inspire our creative ideas and distinctive flavours,” added Liviko’s Export director, Jörgen Herman.

Crafter’s gins were handpicked to join the Dubai Duty Free range in autumn 2021. Based in Dubai and employing more than 5400 people, Dubai Duty Free is one of the world’s largest duty-free operators.

The award-winning Crafter’s is a high-quality premium gin with a Nordic taste bouquet and a strikingly distinctive design. Liviko exports Crafter’s London Dry, Crafter’s Aromatic Flower and Crafter’s Wild Forest to nearly 70 countries across Europe, Asia and South America.

Established in 1898, Liviko is a rapidly developing international group specialising in premium alcoholic beverages, retailing its products in 70 markets and representing the world’s leading premium brands in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.