Davidoff Cigars launches its new limited-release Maduro line, which pleases aficionados with a full-bodied taste experience of medium intensity. The new Maduro, which features Toro, Robusto and Short Corona cigars, is a successor to the brand’s former Maduro line of 2008. It delights with an adapted blend with a more balanced and nuanced flavour profile.

A true Maduro is made of time – because time equals taste

To achieve the sweet notes which are typical for a true Maduro taste experience, Davidoff invested 16 months of fermentation and 2 years of ageing in this cigar. All formats are dressed in a dark Ecuadorian wrapper from the Corte #7 grade, which accounts for almost half of the overall aroma. This leaf grows on the upper part of the tobacco plant, where it receives the most sunlight, which results in a thicker structure. A leaf of this nature requires much more time to ferment naturally. Davidoff therefore doubled the fermentation period of Maduro’s wrapper leaf, thus creating a natural temperature increase in the fermentation pile tailored to the leaf. This heat ultimately leads to Maduro’s distinctive taste, which is sweeter, more sophisticated and more flavourful.

“Time makes all the difference in our new Maduro line. We refrain from adding any external heat sources and allow nature and time to perfect the leaves in our expertly maintained fermentation pile. This labour- and time-intensive process, accompanied by extensive testing and followed by a long ageing phase, has resulted in a wonderfully refined cigar with a flavour profile and body that will be highly sought-after in the market. I am sure that our new Maduro, in which we have invested so much dedication and knowledge, will fill our aficionados’ time beautifully”, says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff.

Taste experience – simply more Maduro

Composed of tobaccos from Ecuador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, this blend presents a stimulation typical for a true Maduro cigar. Especially the remarkable influence of the Ecuadorian wrapper makes for a sweet and creamy experience. The start of the Maduro is characterised by a dominating sweetness, which is heralded by deep notes of dark chocolate and an overarching creaminess. Hints of nuts and dried fruits conclude the first third. In the middle part of the cigar, sweet flavours of honey take over. Complementing but never overpowering notes of oak wood make an appearance, all underpinned by the continued creaminess. In Maduro’s grand finale, the previously prevalent sweetness makes way for a spicier stimulation. Dominating notes of roasted nuts and aromas of earth and white pepper add excitement and conclude this entertaining taste experience.

Davidoff presents its new Maduro line in an elegant wooden box with a loose lid. The satin-lacquered finish of the box and the cigars’ black and golden second band both beautifully underpin the sophisticated character of the premium cigars.

Launch & availability
The new Davidoff Maduro line will be available as of 4 April 2024* at select Davidoff appointed merchants and flagship stores around the world.

*Launch dates and availability may vary depending on country.