Paul & Shark goes green with its new SS20 collection

Paul & Shark goes green with its new SS20 collection

Paul & Shark continues to create fashion with avant-garde technical performances. The constant study of materials combined with attention to environmental problems, have led the brand to test new types of fabrics and processes with a distinctive look and unique quality.

With increasing global warming, environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility are becoming increasingly important. The search for innovative materials, from an ecological point of view and low environmental impact production processes, is fundamental to achieve the objective of protecting the environment.

Paul & Shark does not hold back in this challenge and presents SAVE THE SEA project, which respects the requirements set by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), combining quality with a sustainable identity.

SAVE THE SEA is the most ambitious project of the brand, which creates an eco-friendly jacket using post-consumer plastic. The high technological know-how in the development of processes for the production of recycled polyester yarns has allowed each individual component of the garment, from the zip, to the inner padding, to the lining fabric to be made from recycled material.

The production process allows to give new life to the recycled material, a reduction of energy consumption, CO2 and water emissions, achieving the goal of producing a totally sustainable clothing.

Paul&Shark sets ambitious goals preparing an intense action plan in order to produce 50% of the collection with recycled fabrics by winter 2020.

This season, on top of the brand’s iconic pieces revisited with among others, TYPHOON 20000, NEXTRAVEL and AQVA LEATHER, Paul&Shark plays with colours for its new collection “Colours of Sardinia”.

TYPHOON 20000 becomes the representative garment of a line studied in the smallest details to guarantee high waterproof and windproof performance in any weather conditions. Thanks to the ultra-soft membrane, it prevents the penetration of water drops into the fabric while maintaining maximum breathability.

NEXTRAVEL is the new line developed using the latest and most advanced technologies to guarantee practicality and comfort. The multiple pockets that characterise these garments are designed to confer multi-functionality and transform them into travel objects, such as bags or backpack.

AQVA LEATHER is a water repellent leather garments treated to maintain their softness, high-tech combined with functionality and comfort.

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