DEWAR’S Double Agent 16 Year Old has landed in spectacular style at Dubai Duty Free with Bacardi Global Travel Retail’s biggest consumer engagement drive at Dubai International Airport. Running in 6 stores this huge campaign, includes almost 60 digital screens positioned in high profile locations throughout the arrivals and departures areas of the airport.

Dubai is first airport location in the Middle East to showcase DEWAR’S Double Agent 16 YO, the latest global travel retail exclusive innovation from DEWAR’S, the world’s most awarded whisky and the 5th largest blended scotch brand in GTR, growing at 35% in value YoY (IWSR 2021 vs 2020).

Alexey Babin, Director IMEA, Bacardi Global Travel Retail explains: “DEWAR’S is on a mission to demonstrate its creative flair and excellence in innovation, bringing excitement to the whisky category for new and existing whisky appreciators. DEWAR’S Double Agent 16 Year Old has already had a storming start on its launch in other locations, recruiting new whisky appreciators and helping to grow the category further. We are extremely pleased with the reaction it is receiving here in Dubai.”

This investment from Bacardi Global Travel Retail at Dubai International Airport features a huge, digital out of home (DOOH) campaign that follows the passenger journey across all terminals in arrivals and departures, leading shoppers to discover the latest launch from DEWAR’S available now in-store with Dubai Duty Free.

Targeted airport digital media connects with consumers, driving brand consideration before they arrive at the store. All along the passenger journey, DEWAR’S visibility ensures engagement throughout arrivals, including the baggage arrivals hall and in close proximity to ATMs. Meanwhile at the store itself, digital screens on the store façade invite further exploration towards the in-store experience where wrap-around pillars and creative brand engagement at point of sale ensure the consumer is led right to the point of purchase.

A seductive, full-height, rose gold circular gondola display works to intrigue and inform shoppers, with in-store communication and pack design explaining the alchemy in the art of DEWAR’S blending. The presentation highlights the 50:50 split of the sweet and smoky flavour profiles to provoke intrigue and to inspire customer choice.

First launched in Global Travel Retail earlier in 2022 DEWAR’S Double Agent 16 Year Old is central to the ongoing mission from DEWAR’S to disrupt the blended malts category with progressive innovation to appeal to new whisky appreciators.

With a nod to its name and embracing the innovative and curious side of DEWAR’S, the special blend in DEWAR’s Double Agent 16 Year Old brings together a surprising duo of casks, in Jerez Sherry and Islay Malt Whisky, to create both sweet and smoky flavour profiles in one. This pairing enhances and amplifies the flavours of dried fruit, citrus, smoke and black pepper, balancing the two bold casks finishes to create the perfect harmony of one blend.

Selected malt whiskies and finest grain whiskies are aged separately in oak casks for a minimum of 16 years. Following maturation, the whiskies are blended together and aged once again in oak casks. On completion of the signature DEWAR’S double aging process, the whisky takes a radical new direction and is separated into two batches.

One batch is then finished in sweet Oloroso sherry casks and the other in smoky, peaty Islay casks. The final stage is where the art of blending really comes into its own, bringing these two liquids together, to create two interpretations, depending on the palette – a deliciously sweet whisky with secret smoky notes – or a smoky whisky with hidden sweet notes.

DEWAR’S Double Agent 16 Years Old: 40% ABV, 100cl. Price: US$70