DFS opens the wine for Singapore Changi arrival shoppers

DFS opens the wine for Singapore Changi arrival shoppers

The world’s leading luxury travel retailer, DFS Group (DFS), is offering travellers arriving in Singapore the chance to purchase an unlimited amount of wine from a selected collection at duty-free prices. By absorbing all duty free and GST, DFS allows customers to purchase as many bottles as they desire from this set collection of wines.

The wines range in price and variety and start from as little as S$28.00, with travellers enjoying savings of up to 70% versus domestic prices.

This is on top of the Singapore Custom’s duty-free allowance of either one litre of spirits, one litre of wine, one litre of beer; or two litres of wine, one litre of beer; or two litres of beer, one litre of wine.

Passengers arriving from Malaysia, those who have been away from Singapore for less than 48 hours, as well as travellers who have already maximised their duty free allowance before arriving can still purchase from this selection at DFS arrivals.

This duty-paid collection consists of 25 bestselling red, white and sparkling wines from around the world, including France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Every two months, the collection will be refreshed to offer travellers a chance to sample as many different varieties as possible.

DFS Changi also offers free home delivery to those who spend a minimum of S$300 from this duty-paid collection. With the Christmas and New Year festivities just around the corner, this is a great opportunity to purchase wines for parties and gifts.

From now until end January, 2017, those who purchase a minimum of S$150 worth of duty-paid wine from the collection will receive two pairs of return ferry tickets to Batam worth S$95.

The December-January Collection is currently available at all DFS Changi Wines & Spirits Arrivals stores until 31 January 2017, and a new collection will be introduced for February-March 2017.

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