Dior debuts La Micro-Lotion de Rose, its new Prestige skincare ritual

Dior debuts La Micro-Lotion de Rose, its new Prestige skincare ritual

Discover the New Prestige La Micro-Lotion de Rose. Dior’s 1st balancing and refining micro-nutritive lotion that purifies your skin while delivering the utmost comfort. A prelude to La Micro-Huile de Rose to prepare your skin for the exceptional Prestige skincare ritual.

A pioneer in nutri-cosmetics, the Dior Prestige line has been enhanced with a new micro-nutritive product, La Micro-Lotion de Rose, like an ode to Christian Dior’s favourite flower. The star ingredient in this unique skincare product, the Rose de Granville is a flower exclusive to the House, created by Dior Science’s researchers and based on an extremely resistant variety of wild rose discovered on the cliffs of Normandy close to the childhood home of the House’s couturier founder.

Designed in response to the needs of combination to oily skin, this lotion combines for the first time the cleansing and purifying effects of rose minerals with the nutritive and reparative properties of the flower’s precious oil. Thanks to exclusive micronization technology, which allows the oil to be fragmented into millions of micro-droplets each the size of a micron, its lightweight, comfortable formula procures an intensely fresh sensation, assuring 12 hours of hydration without shine.

From the first application, pores are visibly tightened, the skin is instantly more beautiful, clarified and deeply moisturised. Day by day, the skin’s texture is smoother; it is cleansed, purified and re-balanced without ever compromising on comfort.

La Micro-Lotion de Rose is designed for application before Micro-Huile de Rose, Dior’s emblematic micro-nutritive concentrate, to be used before Dior Prestige La Crème Texture Essentielle for optimum results.


Enriched with Rose de Granville minerals and oil, the Micro-Lotion de Rose helps to rebalance the complexion and provides infinite freshness thanks to its next-generation texture. Upon the first application, pores are visibly tightened and skin texture is refined.


Under high pressure, the Rose oil is fragmented into a myriad of micron-sized drops which are instantly suspended at the heart of the New La Micro-Lotion de Rose. Millions of micro-drops provide intense freshness and nutrition to the skin with no oily sensation.


Perfectly prepared by La Micro-Lotion de Rose, your skin is ready for the Dior Prestige rejuvenating duo. Apply La Micro-Huile de Rose before La Crème to multiply the anti-ageing effects of La Crème by two.


Descended from a wild rose discovered on the cliffs of Normandy, the Rose de Granville has an extraordinary richness that opened the doors to a new area of expertise: skin micro-nutrition.

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