EFFEN Vodka debuts Rosé and Yuzu Citrus flavoured editions

EFFEN Vodka debuts Rosé and Yuzu Citrus flavoured editions

EFFEN Vodka, a super-premium and smooth vodka, is proud to announce the addition of two new flavours to its lineup. New offerings to celebrate two varied, dynamic flavour profiles that embody the clean, crisp taste fans love and expect from EFFEN Vodka.

“Everything about EFFEN Vodka is different, from its distillation and bottle design to its smooth, clean taste, and we’re committed to providing unparalleled quality to our consumers,” said Clement Reid, Marketing Director at Beam Suntory. “Both EFFEN Rosé and EFFEN Yuzu Citrus will bring dynamic taste profiles into the vodka category, from Yuzu’s Japanese-inspired roots to Rosé’s innovative spin on traditional rosé wine. We’re excited to bring these new offerings to vodka lovers everywhere.”

The two new expressions are an extension of EFFEN’s “Different by Design” marketing campaign. Launched in 2018, Different by Design celebrates self-expression, welcomes creativity and inspires consumers to be unapologetically true to themselves. Through these flavour offerings, EFFEN encourages fans to enjoy cocktails that are as unique as they are.

EFFEN Rosé turns the rosé wine trend on its head with its unique taste profile. A refreshing, bright vodka, EFFEN Rosé challenges traditional vodka and rosé wine to create a crisp, clean and fruity flavoured expression that emulates a classic rosé. This new flavour is best served with soda or combined with sparkling wine.


EFFEN Rosé Tasting Notes
Color: Soft blush with golden undertones
Aroma: Gentle nuances of fruity, floral and honey notes
Taste: Hints of fruit with touches of honey and vanilla
Finish: Clean and fruity finish
Proof: 75

EFFEN Yuzu Citrus was created to embody the subtle beauty of Yuzu, a Japanese fruit described as a flavour profile that resembles a combination of lemon and grapefruit. Growing in popularity amongst chefs and mixologists for its aromatic flavour, this trend-forward innovation provides a sweet flavour with a citrus finish. The new citrus offering is best served neat or with grapefruit club soda.

EFFEN Yuzu Citrus

EFFEN Yuzu Citrus Tasting Notes
Aroma: Bright citrus, with floral black notes
Flavor: Slight sweetness with herbal and fruity tones balanced with grapefruit zest
Finish: A touch of sweet citrus
Proof: 75

EFFEN Rosé and Yuzu Citrus are made with 100 percent premium wheat from Northern France and no added sugar or artificial flavours. Both expressions are filtrated and distilled in Northern Holland. They are the perfect canvas for cocktails that highlight their bold character

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