Diesel reveals a new addition to the highly successful Only The Brave collection – this time its WILD.


Diesel says…

“The man who wears Only The Brave Wild is at home in the city and the jungle.
From all the pores of his skin, he knows how vegetation breathes, saturated with humidity and heavy scents, or shadowy mists. He can run like the wind, sniff out thunder and lightning and feel like a total child of nature.

An intrepid tamer of time, he fills streets and roads with his power that was born in faraway forests. Little by little he rebalances with nature and plant life, concrete and wood, the craziness of the city and the sense of wildlife. He puts harmony back into place.

His fragrance has its roots in the heart of nature, wild and raw, then the more he asserts himself and adapts as he goes along his way.

When speaking to his creators about a ‘Jungle Fougère’ they smile: yes, Antoine and Shyamala Maisondieu, along with Michel Girard, followed the path of the emblematic fougère accord, but they gave him all the codes of the wild with a really urban finish.

Ancient powders are tweaked with a creamy coconut note ; the moist mousse stands out as a rugged vetiver, earthy and primitive ; a characteristically Provencal lavender note, set off by exotic tones of musk; as for the town – citrus fruit, they take their acidic note from the citronella.

The traditional fougère marks the exotic, the domesticated wild child of the city and gives to the wise world of nature, the same heart as the city…”

Ingredients : grapefruit essence / citronella essence / black pepper essence / nutmeg essence / geranium accord / lavender essence / coconut accord / cedarwood essence / vetiver essence

Available in travel retail and duty-free stores worldwide from September.

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