FIRST LOOK: Jean Paul Gaultier reveals limited edition Classique Pin Up and Le Male Aviator scents

FIRST LOOK: Jean Paul Gaultier reveals limited edition Classique Pin Up and Le Male Aviator scents

Jean Paul Gaultier has launched two new fragrances for the start of 2020 – these Limited edition Classique Pin Up and Le Male Aviator extends the reach of Gaultier’s bestselling fragrance lines.


“This Pin-Up is up, up, up and away!

Classique as a pin-up, a heroine, with lots of humour. Very funny, with the gift of the gab. Ready to speak up, but doesn’t care if anyone puts her down… She owns the party, she’s intimate with the stars, and shines just as bright. Dressed-up or un dressed – just a drop of perfume will do! She lives in seventh heaven, where all is bliss. And she’ll teach you that life is laughter, (especially if there’s a cute guy).”

For the composition of Classique Pin Up, the brand chose notes of “Amber like caramel, Vanilla like a kiss, and a spicy touch of Chili-Ginger”.

The newest flacon is “as glittery as it is glam. And as glam as a glittery rainbow. The glam of the free, of those who dance the night away, teasing slowly their long white gloves off as they go, and singing ‘Pou’ ‘Pidou’ and maybe even ‘Poupou Pidou’.” The outer packaging or the iconic JPG tin can is rose-pink, cheeky Pin-Up pink. All in glitter, round and round it sparkles, because every star needs a stage.”

JEAN PAUL GAULITER CLASSIQUE PIN UP will be available as a 100ml Eau de Parum in a limited number.



“Not bad this lad. He’s hot to trot, let’s see what he’s got… A pilot, Hollywood style, brave, swish and stylish. His credo is simple and smart: ‘Make love, not war.’ There are many ways to touch the sky… Ya’ wanna loop the loop? A hero of the squadron in the air, heroic too in the bar. Come and enjoy his flight plan, and get ready to take-off! Sign up for the Army of Fun!”

The composition of Le Male Aviator combines “the minty freshness, woody virility, and a little Violet Absolute to spice things up.”

The newest flacon was inspired by aviators. “The mood is military khaki, but military with a velvet caress, soft to the touch. A festive army, joyful, full of life. And whaddayaknow? Mais of course, the sailor’s top: It’s so-JPG,
it’s our DNA, and hot on our new sky warrior,” says the brand. The outer packaging of the tin is in the color khaki, and the result is “just what our Pin Up was looking for. She salutes the airmen as if to say: ‘We’re just having fun, Right?’. And it’s everyone’s right to have some fun, non?”

Le Male Aviator will be available as a 125ml Eau de Toilette in a limited number.

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