Fashion designer Min Liu, founder of the brand Ms. Min, is teaming up with MAC for what the brand calls a “mythically charged collection.”

Contemporary takes on traditional Chinese motifs and themes are Min’s signature, so they will be interspersed throughout the products in the range.

The preview shots below are all that is known so far but it looks like there will be liquid lip colours (adorned with tassels!), cream pigment compacts, and a simply stunning compact featuring a crashing wave — rendered in red and pink tones.

According to MAC, Min brought a piece of fabric with red, peony, and metallic details to a first meeting with the brand’s creative director, James Gager. Those hues became key themes in the collection. This could be a sign that rosy eye shadows are coming in this launch, too, as the pink eye and red eye trends are still hot.

“Energy, like beauty in fashion, flows and shifts over time,” said Min in a press release. “I find fashion and beauty to be the collision of personal expression of self, today being different than tomorrow, capturing our ying and yang, and the discovery of our quiet and our riot.”

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