AURA by Mugler is the brand’s new fragrance due for launch in early July with model Zhenya Katava as the alien-styled face of the brand.

There are brands who have shaped the history of fragrances and there are brands shaping the future. Thierry Mugler has since 1992 shaped the future of the fragrance market by bringing new standards. 25 years after the launch of Angel, the launch of Alien and Womanity, Mugler is back with a new strong female purpose: AURA MUGLER. By reinventing itself like no other brand and by daring to go where most would not even dream of, Mugler is back with a striking new fragrance.

The new Aura look fits Mugler’s style: an intriguing unity of colour, a peculiar glass design combined with metal details. The beautifully crafted Mugler perfumes Womanity and Alien instantly come to my mind.



Working with Firmenich, Mugler had access to probably one of the most innovative olfactory palette. For such an outstanding fragrance, one key element was put at play: The Liane Fauve or Tiger Liana. Recently discovered by Firmenich, The Liane Fauve or the “Tiger Liana” is a traditional Chinese medicinal plant that heals heart disease and contributes to balance the body. From an olfactory point of view, it is a very faceted scent. Rich, rough and smoky, yet sensual as well as exquisite. In order to master this force of nature, the Perfumers have carefully crafted an original olfactory structure. It is the roots that are used and extracted from the plant. It took Firmenich 10 years to study the plant, analyse it, register the ingredient and be able to use it. The Liane Fauve reflects perfectly the concept of the new Mugler fragrance. It has this astonishing combination between botanical and animal scent, which is the heart of the olfactory story. Hints of almond and vanilla is expressed surrounded by a smoky “wrap-up”.

The other main ingredients are:

Rhubarb leaf
Orange Flower (new distillation process)
Vanilla pod Bourbon
Firmenich Wolfwood® (Firmenich exclusive)

The house of Mugler chose the Belarus-born model Zhenya Katava as the face of the advertising campaign for Aura.

Aura will be available in flacons of 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml – and should be in duty-free stores from late June 2017 onwards. The line will extend in early 2018 with bath and body expressions.

Sources: Clarins Group / Fragrantica / Luxury Activist