Frankfurt Airport engages and treats passengers from around the world with “Made in Germany” shopping campaign…

The “Made in Germany” label is one of the world’s most popular and best-known. This is because German products have long been associated with exceptional quality, inventiveness, and first-class design.

German brands are also coveted by travellers from Russia, China and other countries, who make a beeline to the shops a Frankfurt Airport. Foreign guests are particularly interested in cameras, accessories, household items and writing instruments from German manufacturers.

Starting from April 3 and continuing until the end of June, enthusiastic Germany fans among the travellers catching flights for destinations outside the Schengen Area (EU domestic) can take advantage of a very special shopping campaign. Passengers who have made purchases of at least 100 euros in one or more airport shops in the B, D/E and Z non-Schengen departure zones of FRA´s passenger terminals can pick up a certified piece of the famous German autobahn highways as a souvenir (really!!!???). The airport says “It’s an apt choice, since so many visitors from abroad enjoy driving Germany’s autobahns. They can claim this unusual memento by presenting their shopping receipts at the service counter in any of the central Duty Free shops in the above mentioned departure zones.”

This campaign at Frankfurt Airport also covers major figures of German history. In Terminal 1, passengers can have their picture taken as a “Made in Germany” memory, together with two of the country’s most celebrated individuals. One of them is the physicist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein, who will be “waiting” for visitors in the form of a life-sized statue in Pier Z, starting in mid-April. The other famous German is the Frankfurt-born poet and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who can be found in the eponymous Goethe Bar in the central marketplace of Pier B.

Typical German sights and attractions are also awaiting visitors who can take special snapshots. In the B non-Schengen area of Terminal 1, passengers can let themselves be briefly transported at a Germany-themed selfie wall to Neuschwanstein Castle, the Brandenburg Gate or a beer tent at the Munich Oktoberfest before their actual journey begins.

Besides browsing for plenty of exciting “Made in Germany” products in the departure areas, all domestic and foreign passengers are invited to enjoy more than 300 international shops, restaurants and bars throughout both terminals. Many items can also be reserved beforehand in the Frankfurt Airport Online Shop and then either picked up at the airport or delivered to any address in Germany.

More information about the many ways to experience Frankfurt Airport is available via: the FRA website and Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media channels.

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