Ever since its legendary Wolfenbüttel beginnings, Jägermeister has been constantly connected with art in its various forms: from the masterful craftsmanship of the unique recipe to the creation of its iconic green bottle and to its present-day relationship with the musical scene.

Created by perfectionists as the catalyst of perfect nights, Jägermeister is constantly building on this link between the masterpiece that is the drink itself and the irreverent quality of its activations, designed to challenge and inspire consumers.

THE SECRET IS YOU campaign goes one step further in this process, by empowering people to tap into their artistic flair and co-create with the brand. The result: an award-winning activation that democratizes the tools for creating unique Jägermeister posters.

Travel and brand related artistic backgrounds inspire the design of what ultimately becomes the perfect souvenir from any journey: an original artwork that makes YOU the face of Jägermeister. The simple, streamlined process makes it entertainingly accessible in the airport shop, while the quality of the result invites social media sharing.

For a limited time at World Duty Free Barcelona airport, visit the Jägermeister store and get ready to become an Ice Cold Artist.