Twenty years after the launch of ‘for her’, a fragrance that changed the landscape of modern perfumery forever, Narciso Rodriguez parfums opens a new chapter, marking a bold new era for the fragrance house.

Introducing all of me, a prismatic fragrance that reinterprets femininity for a whole new generation. A celebration of individuality and self-expression, all of me is a fragrance for a new movement of empowered and free-spirited women who explore their own truth and confidently embrace all that makes them unique. Unfiltered and indefinable, the all of me woman commands her own narrative, knowing that her true colors create her own inimitable light.

A floral like no other

From the very beginning, Narciso Rodriguez’s vision for the fragrance was unequivocal: it would be a floral with a uniquely intoxicating trail. The idea of a rose obsessed him, and this flower – the most iconic in perfumery – became the starting point for the scent. ‘I kept dreaming of a rose – the most beautiful rose, yet an abstract rose,’ says the designer.

He chose two talented and creative women to craft the fragrance – renowned perfumers Dora Baghriche and Daphné Bugey. In close collaboration, the three of them worked together to create a scent that completely reinvents the floral fragrance family.

Just as for her introduced an entirely new style of chypre twenty years ago, now all of me reimagines floral fragrance for a new generation of women.

Discover all of me at various World Duty Free locations.